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PERKINS Diesel engines
PFD Spare parts catalogs, Service (workshop) and Operation Manuals, Service letters

Spare parts for Perkins diesel engines

Important Remark: The engine parts list number (build code / build list) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification if you want to order the Perkins Spare parts Catalog.

The engine parts list is the first part of engine serial number.
model 103.10 - parts list KD30240U
model 1106C-E66TA - parts list PK51575B
4000 series TAG2 genset - parts list DGB060663
Sometimes the complete serial number may be required for accurate identification.

Use the menu below to select the appropriate PERKINS diesel engine model.

Perkins s/n
Part List
100 - 900
4&6 cyl. series
1000 series
1100 - 1300
2000 - 2800
3000 & 4000
V8.540, V8.640
Marine engines

Perkins Engine Model Nomenclature Explained
Example: 1206E-E66TA(G)

1206E-E66TA(G) - Engine Family. (12 = 1200 Series)
1206E-E66TA(G) - Number of Cylinders
1206E-E66TA(G) - Emissions Compliancy
1206E-E66TA(G) - E= Electronic Fuel Injection, otherwise Mechanical Injection
1206E-E66TA(G) - Capacity in deci litres.(6.6 litre)
1206E-E66TA(G) - Aspiration: T=Turbo, A= Air to air charge cooled, W=Water to air charge cooling, otherwise Naturally Aspirated.
1206E-E66TA(G) - Generator Set Rating

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