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Contacts with SPD Knyazyev Viktor Andreevich (Viktor Knyazyev)

E-Mail: brovertek@gmail.com
Important Remarks:
E-mail is the best way of connection. We check our post box from 10 am to 2 am (next day) local time. Don't forget about the time difference. We usually try to reply within 24 hours (if the offer is big or unusual - within 48 hours).

Please write all letters from the same address. It's in your best interest.
We have a large correspondence and sometimes it is difficult to find letters if they are written from different addresses.
We store letters for at least 3 years. This helps our customers to restore the order if they lose the manuals (see FAQ).

Post box brovertek@gmail.com is controlled by my assistants also. They can reply to my signature. But I try to read all emails.

Skype (manuals / spare parts / fin) - Viktor.Knyazyev
Skype/Viber/WhatsApp works all the time while the computer is turned on. This means that I can not near the computer when you send your message and I can skip it. I repeat - the best way of communication is email.
I never add you to the Skype/Viber/WhatsApp list if you don't point in your request who are you and what you want (the reason why I have to add you to our list).

Phone - Mobil (Cell): +38 067 483 1710 (Viktor)
Believe our long experience - 5 minutes of phone talking = 1 sentence in an email. Save your and our time - write an email!
Don't call and try to dictate the engine model and serial number. In any case, we'll ask you to send an email with your request.
A good reason to call (or use Skype) is to check if we receive your email. It's especially important if you know that your email letters often fall into the Spam Trash.

Address for letters and for bank payments - Akademika Glushko 6, fl. 62. Odessa. 65113. Ukraine.

About Viktor - Please see the pages https://engine.od.ua/marine-engineers/about. or https://brovertek.com/contacts

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