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AGCO SISU Diesel Engines
Spare parts catalogs, Service & Operation Manuals

Spare parts for Marine diesel engines

See page "SISU-VALMET diesel engines Spare parts catalogs, Service & Operation Manuals"

Finland Company AGCO POWER (previous name AGCO SISU POWER) produces Diesel engines for machinery with a power range from 44 to 367 kW.

AGCO SISU Land Generation Sets Catalog

AGCO SISU Generator Set Catalog

AJ series (403D & 404D diesel engines) 10-30 kVa
SG series (DTG, DTAG, CTAG engine models) 60-280 kVa
VP series (TAD diesel engines) 250-630 kVa
PE series (TAG, TWG diesel engines) 800-2000 kVa
Technical specifications of manual control and monitoring panel
Specifications of automatic control and monitoring apparatus

AGCO SISU Marine Engines Catalog.

AGCO SISU Marine Engines Catalog

44 CTIM 100/136 kW/hp 2200 rpm
49 CTIM 133/180 kW/hp 2200 rpm
66 CTIM 192/260 kW/hp 2200 rpm
74 CTIM 235/320 kW/hp 2200 rpm
84 CTIM 302/410 kW/hp 2100 rpm

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