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Ball and Kirch Filter

Spare parts catalogs and Service Documentation

Filters and Automatic Filters for Marine Equipment

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401401 Ball & Kirch Ball and Kirch Automatic Filters Types 6.41, 6.46, 6.60,, - Instructions for Operation & Maintenance, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
401402 Ball & Kirch BOLLFILTER Protection Systems - Lub. oil By-pass Filter for M/E Simplex filter Type 1.78.1, F.O. Safety Filter for G/E Duplex Type size 90.145 with steam heating, F.O. Safety Filter for M/E Duplex Type size 220.500 with steam heating, Fuel oil Filter for M/E Auto. backflushing filter Type 6.60 size 05 steam heatable, Lub. oil Filter for M/E Auto. backflushing filter Type 6.61.07 size 20 with flushing oil filter (sludge checker), Fuel oil Filter for Auxiliary Engine Auto. backflushing filter Type 6.62 size 04, steam heatable - FULL INSTRUCTIONS WITH SPARE PARTS LISTS.

Ball and Kirch Filter Instruction Manuals video presentation.

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