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Sewage Treatment Plant

PDF Instruction Manuals with Spare Parts List

Marine auxiliary equipment complete and spare parts

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491000 Sewage Treatment Units
491001 Hamworthy Hamworthy STO-ST1A Super Trident Sewage Treatment Units.
491002 Hamworthy Hamworthy ST2A ? ST6A Super Trident Sewage Treatment Units (PCH 1544 ISSUE) - Instruction for Operation and Maintenance, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491003 Warma Sewage Treatment Plant WARMA LK 30A - Instruction for Installation, Operation and Maintenance, Description & Spare Parts List.
491004 Taiko TAIKO Sewage treatment unit SBT-15 (25,40,65) - Instruction for Operation and Maintenance, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491050 Couplings
491051 Vulkan VULKAN RATO-S Coupling - Instruction for Operation and Maintenance, Spare Parts List.
491052 Poly-Norm POLY-NORM Design AR, AVR, ADR, AZR, AVZR Torsionally Elastic Jaw Coupling - Operating & Assembly Instructions with Parts List.
491053 Rotex ROTEX Design ZS-DKM Torsionally Flexible Jaw Coupling - Mounting Instructions with Parts List.
491054 Victaulic Couplings General Catalogue.
491055 ABB Zamech ABB ZAMECH LTD Shaft coupling ST 510 - S, ST 520 - S TYPE Instr. Book
491100 Bearings
491101 SKF SKF Engineer's E-Hand book. - Catalogue of bearings for ordering.
491102 Zollern BHW ZOLLERN BHW Plain Bearings Catalogue & Criteria of Judgement for main and connecting-rod plain bearings in medium-speed internal combustion engines in material combination steel/lead bronze/nickel dam/electroplated layer steel/aluminium alloy.
491250 Fire extinguishing Systems
491251 Unitor Instruction Manual and Spare Parts CO2 High pressure fire extinguishing System (UNITOR).
491252 Kawasaki KAWASAKI (24R3355) Fixed high pressure CO2 fire ext. system - Instruction for Operation and Maintenance, Description, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491253 Smit & Ovens LP Inert Gas PLANT Smit & Ovens GIn 2800-0,3 BUFD - Manuals with drawings & Spare Parts List.
491254 Smit & Ovens HP Inert Gas PLANT Smit & Owens GIn 100-6 BUCD - Manuals, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491300 Grinding Machine
491301 Grinding Machine KAN-4VS CH36 - Instruction book.
491350 High-Pressure Hoses
491351 SCHAAF High-Pressure Hose 700 BAR - Lengths available from stock
491400 Dryers
491401 Zander ZANDER ADSORPTION TROCKNER ECONOMY (Adsorption-dryer Series W 3100 EKE). Instruction and Spare Parts
491450 Heaters
491451 Saacke Thermal oil system SAACKE PS 600 Kg/Hrs - Manual, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491452 Saacke Thermal oil system SAACKE SB 180 kg/hrs - Manual, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
491500 Air Starters
491501 Turbo Twin TurboTwin T50-Y Engine Air Starter Type T50-Y - Instruction for Operation and Maintenance, Drawings & Spare Parts List.
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