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How to Identify Metals in Engine Room?
Answer: Observation and Spark Test.

How to Identify Metals in Engine Room? - Observation and Spark Test.
Tests for Identifying Metals.
A Guide to Welding Electrodes on Ships - Part 1.
A Guide to Welding Electrodes on Ships - Part 2.
A Guide to Understanding New Designations in AWS Filler Metal Classifications.
MMA Electrode Classification.
World of welding. Library.
Service Welding Guide. This Caterpillar General Service Information is extremely useful for repair of diesel engines.

What do you understand by the Marpol and name the various Annexes that come under the Marpol?
Answer: There are 6 Annexes in Marpol and there are as follows:
Annex-1 It is related to the Pollution in sea due to oil and it came in force in the year 2nd October 1983
Annex-2 It is related to the carrying of Noxious Liquid substances and came in the year 2nd October 1983
Annex-3 Harmful Substances carried in sea in Packaged form and came in the year 6th April 1987
Annex-4 Sewage from Ship and implemented in the year 22nd September 2003
Annex-5 Garbage from Ship and came in to force in the year 31st December 1988
Annex-6 Air pollution in the 19th May 2005

What is the purpose of ISM code and what ISM covers?
Answer: ISM is made to ensure safety at sea and to prevent human injury or less of life. It also emphasis on avoiding damage to the environment and to the ship.
ISM covers following things:
a) Construction part related to the ships and related machineries.
b) Equipment that are related to the shipping industry.
c) Stability of the vessel and proper cargo loading.
d) Operating limits.
e) The operating parameters.
f) Qualifications and training of vessels crew.
g) Vessel Maintenance emergency procedure.
h) Health and safety consideration.

What do you understand by the term Flash point and Fire point?
Flash Point- It is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture of air.
Fire Point- The fire point of fuel is generally defined as the temperature at which vapors will continue to burn for almost 5 seconds and that too with open flame.

What do understand by term creep?
Answer: Generally creep is associated with metals and it is defined as the slow deformation (plastic) of a material under a constant stress.

What is Fatigue?
Answer: Fatigue may be defined as the failure of a material due to a repeatedly applied stress.

What do you understand by fire triangle and how we tackle the each element of fire triangle?
Answer: Fire is mainly caused with combined effect of fuel, air and Combustible material.

What do you mean by bursting disc in the engine and explain the purpose of same?
Answer: Bursting disc is a type of safety device which is used to protect the engine from adverse effects of crankcase explosions. It is like a safety valve, but bigger in size. So when the pressure inside the engine crankcase increases due to explosion, this disc explodes to release pressure inside the engine.

What exactly is a shaker piston?
Shaker diesel pistonAnswer: The shaker piston has got its name from the shaker space in the piston crown. As to be seen from the sketch these are the two spaces that are mostly connected one with the other by bores.
On up-today engines the piston moves up and down 7 to 17 times per second. So the lubricating oil in this space is shaken as in a shaker which leads to the necessary intensive cooling of the combustion chamber bottom.

Can the crank web deflection values of the testbed record be used by way of comparison for the board condition?
Answer: NO. The values of the testbed record serve as a proof that the engine alignment was within the tolerances.

For measuring the crank web deflection the engine must be turned into
A. the same direction as corresponds to the sense of engine rotation.
B. the any direction.
C. the opposite direction as corresponds to the sense of engine rotation.
Answer: A.

Many engines are equipped with Viton rings. The Viton must not be heated above
A. 200 degrees C.
B. 250 degrees C.
C. 300 degrees C.
Answer: C.
In case of temperatures above 325 degrees C thermal decomposition and the formation of fluoric acid will occur. The vapors must not be inhaled and skin contact is absolutely to be avoided.

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