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HP Fuel Pumps. Fuel pump drive. VIT & Super-VIT Fuel Pumps. Fuel Valves.

2-strock diesel engine (MC and RTA) Fuel Pumps overhauling. Mechanical VIT basic adjustment and in-service adjustments. Overhaul procedure for fuel valves and for slide type fuel valves.

MAN B&W MC diesel Fuel Pump Top Cover. L/S35MC, S46-50-60-70MC-C (Fuel pumps without VIT). Download.

Study-Important Fuel Pump roller guide fails - Breakdown and subsequent drift towards danger of the bulk carrier "ID Integrity". Investigation report. Download

MAN B&W MC Engine's Fuel Pump with VIT (Variable Injection Timing). Open page in the new window.

MAN B&W Service Letter SL87-223/UM. September 1987. SUPER-VIT Fuel Pumps: Adjustment & Maintenance. Download.

Wartsila Service Bulletin RTA-53 12.06.2001. Variable Injection Timing (VIT) and Fuel Quality Setting. Download.

Wartsila Service Bulletin RTA-54 18.07.2001. Electronic Variable Injection Timing (VIT) Troubles and Remedies. Download.

HP Fuel Pumps, Fuel pump drive, Fuel Valves Video

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Demonstration of procedure for pressure testing fuel valves. 13 min.
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Fuel Pump Cover Overhaul MAN MC and MC-C 2stroke engine. 28 min.
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Replacement of Fuel Pump Barrel Assembly Kawasaki - MAN S50MC Diesel Engine. 26 min.
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Replacement and overhaul of fuel pumps. As this fuel pump is volume-regulated as well as time-regulated, extra care is needed when overhauling, and the video is a great help when instructing personnel. MAN L/S50-60-70MC/MCE diesel engines. 50 min.
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Demonstration of basic adjustment and in-service adjustments of mechanical VIT (Variable Injection Timing) system. 24 min. Engine types: K/L/S50-98MC/MCE. 23 min.
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Sulzer fuel pump - Detailed Explanation. Old pumps, but many engines with such pumps are still in operation. 34 min.
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Slide Fuel Valve Overhaul. MAN 2-stroke diesel engine: K/L/S50-60-70-80-90-98MC. 32 min.
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Fuel Valve Overhaul small bore engine. MAN 2-stroke diesel engine: L/S26-35-42MC. 21 min.
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New Technology. R&D 100 Special Recognition 2019: Ducted Fuel Injection.
Ducted fuel injection (DFI) is a patented technology invented at Sandia that can be used to make cleaner and more efficient engines.
Research shows that DFI can lower the soot emissions from a diesel engine by a factor of nearly 20 without significant detrimental effects on other emissions or efficiency.
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