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HITACHI machinery
Spare parts catalogs, Service & Operation Manuals in pdf format

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The Operator's Manual

The Operator's Manual learns how to operate and service your machine correctly - safety, operation, transportation, lubrication and maintenance information.

The service (workshop / repair) manual contains:

Operational Principle Manual: technical information needed for redelivery and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems.

Troubleshooting Manual: technical information needed for operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures.

Workshop Manual: technical information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, and removal/installation and assemble/disassemble procedures.

Parts catalog.

Drawing with each part number, quantity, and Parts name for ordering spare parts of the machine.

Important remark: Hitachi does not include instruction for engine in the above manuals. You may need:
The Engine Manual
Parts Catalog of the Engine
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