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CATERPILLAR Wheel Dozers & Wheel Tractors

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1823000 CAT Wheel Dozers 814 series
1823001 14R Caterpillar 814 WHEEL DOZER 14R
1823002 90P Caterpillar 814 WHEEL DOZER 90P
1823003 16Z Caterpillar 814B WHEEL DOZER 16Z
1823004 9DM Caterpillar 814F WHEEL DOZER 9DM
1823005 BGF Caterpillar 814F WHEEL DOZER BGF
1823006 BXG Caterpillar 814F II WHEEL DOZER BXG
1823007 23K Caterpillar 814S BULLDOZER 23K
1823008 56D Caterpillar 814S BULLDOZER 56D
1823009 CAT Wheel Dozers 824 series
1823010 88H Caterpillar 824 BULLDOZER 88H
1823011 93G Caterpillar 824 BULLDOZER 93G
1823012 29G Caterpillar 824 WHEEL DOZER 29G
1823013 36H Caterpillar 824B WHEEL DOZER 36H
1823014 64G Caterpillar 824C BULLDOZER 64G
1823015 85X Caterpillar 824C WHEEL DOZER 85X
1823016 4SN Caterpillar 824G WHEEL DOZER 4SN
1823017 AWW Caterpillar 824G II WHEEL DOZER AWW
1823018 ASX Caterpillar 824H WHEEL DOZER ASX
1823019 234 Caterpillar 824K WHEEL DOZER 234
1823020 RWB Caterpillar 824K WHEEL DOZER RWB
1823021 35G Caterpillar 824S BULLDOZER 35G
1823022 CAT Wheel Dozers 834 series
1823023 93G Caterpillar 834 BULLDOZER 93G
1823024 43E Caterpillar 834 WHEEL DOZER 43E
1823025 7BR Caterpillar 834B WHEEL DOZER 7BR
1823026 92Z Caterpillar 834B WHEEL DOZER 92Z
1823027 6GZ Caterpillar 834G WHEEL DOZER 6GZ
1823028 BPC Caterpillar 834G WHEEL DOZER BPC
1823029 BTX Caterpillar 834H WHEEL DOZER BTX
1823030 LWY Caterpillar 834K WHEEL DOZER LWY
1823031 TWY Caterpillar 834K WHEEL DOZER TWY
1823032 36G Caterpillar 834S BULLDOZER 36G
1823033 96G Caterpillar 834S BULLDOZER 96G
1823034 14B Caterpillar 834U BULLDOZER 14B
1823035 CAT Wheel Dozers 844 series
1823036 2KZ Caterpillar 844 WHEEL DOZER 2KZ
1823037 BBN Caterpillar 844 WHEEL DOZER BBN
1823038 BTW Caterpillar 844H WHEEL DOZER BTW
1823039 KLS Caterpillar 844K WHEEL DOZER KLS
1823040 MBE Caterpillar 844K WHEEL DOZER MBE
1823041 CAT Wheel Dozers 854 series
1823042 1JW Caterpillar 854G WHEEL DOZER 1JW
1823043 A4W Caterpillar 854G WHEEL DOZER A4W
1823044 AMP Caterpillar 854G WHEEL DOZER AMP
1823045 221 Caterpillar 854K WHEEL DOZER 221
1823046 H8M Caterpillar 854K WHEEL DOZER H8M
1823047 H9K Caterpillar 854K WHEEL DOZER H9K
1823048 KK3 Caterpillar 854K WHEEL DOZER KK3
1823049 RM3 Caterpillar 854K WHEEL DOZER RM3
1823050 CAT Wheel Tractors
1823051 0EM Caterpillar CIPI WHEEL TRACTOR 0EM
1823052 CAT Wheel Tractors TS series
1823053 E1J Caterpillar TS180 TOWED SCRAPER E1J
1823054 E1K Caterpillar TS180 TOWED SCRAPER E1K
1823055 E1R Caterpillar TS185 TOWED SCRAPER E1R
1823056 E1S Caterpillar TS185 TOWED SCRAPER E1S
1823057 E1L Caterpillar TS220 TOWED SCRAPER E1L
1823058 E1N Caterpillar TS220 TOWED SCRAPER E1N
1823059 E1T Caterpillar TS225 TOWED SCRAPER E1T
1823060 E1W Caterpillar TS225 TOWED SCRAPER E1W
1823061 CAT Wheel Tractors 428 series
1823062 34E Caterpillar 428 CABLE SCRAPER 34E
1823063 44D Caterpillar 428 CABLE SCRAPER 44D
1823064 CAT Wheel Tractors 611 series
1823065 7WZ Caterpillar 611 WHEEL SCRAPER 7WZ
1823066 6SZ Caterpillar 611 WHEEL TRACTOR 6SZ
1823067 CAT Wheel Tractors 613 series
1823068 72M Caterpillar 613 WHEEL SCRAPER 72M
1823069 71M Caterpillar 613 WHEEL TRACTOR 71M
1823070 72M Caterpillar 613B WHEEL SCRAPER 72M
1823071 38W Caterpillar 613B WHEEL TRACTOR 38W
1823072 93X Caterpillar 613C WHEEL SCRAPER 93X
1823073 92X Caterpillar 613C WHEEL TRACTOR 92X
1823074 LCZ Caterpillar 613C II WAGON LCZ
1823075 TJK Caterpillar 613C II WHEEL SCRAPER TJK
1823076 8LJ Caterpillar 613C II WHEEL TRACTOR 8LJ
1823077 B6J Caterpillar 613C II WHEEL TRACTOR B6J
1823078 KEH Caterpillar 613C II WHEEL TRACTOR KEH
1823079 DXA Caterpillar 613G WHEEL TRACTOR DXA
1823080 DBE Caterpillar 613G WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER DBE
1823081 ESB Caterpillar 613G WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER ESB
1823082 YCB Caterpillar 613G WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER YCB
1823083 CAT Wheel Tractors 615 series
1823084 47Z Caterpillar 615 WHEEL SCRAPER 47Z
1823085 46Z Caterpillar 615 WHEEL TRACTOR 46Z
1823086 2XG Caterpillar 615C WHEEL SCRAPER 2XG
1823087 5TF Caterpillar 615C WHEEL TRACTOR 5TF
1823088 9XG Caterpillar 615C II WHEEL TRACTOR 9XG
1823089 B6M Caterpillar 615C II WHEEL TRACTOR B6M
1823090 66F Caterpillar 619 CABLE CONTROL 66F
1823091 CAT Wheel Tractors 621 series
1823092 37G Caterpillar 621 WHEEL SCRAPER 37G
1823093 23H Caterpillar 621 WHEEL TRACTOR 23H
1823094 2DB Caterpillar 621 WHEEL TRACTOR 2DB
1823095 31V Caterpillar 621B WHEEL SCRAPER 31V
1823096 36V Caterpillar 621B WHEEL SCRAPER 36V
1823097 6XB Caterpillar 621B WHEEL SCRAPER 6XB
1823098 73V Caterpillar 621B WHEEL SCRAPER 73V
1823099 9AC Caterpillar 621B WHEEL SCRAPER 9AC
1823100 35V Caterpillar 621B WHEEL TRACTOR 35V
1823101 45P Caterpillar 621B WHEEL TRACTOR 45P
1823102 7KC Caterpillar 621B WHEEL TRACTOR 7KC
1823103 8HC Caterpillar 621B WHEEL TRACTOR 8HC
1823104 2TF Caterpillar 621E WHEEL SCRAPER 2TF
1823105 6BB Caterpillar 621E WHEEL SCRAPER 6BB
1823106 2PD Caterpillar 621E WHEEL TRACTOR 2PD
1823107 6AB Caterpillar 621E WHEEL TRACTOR 6AB
1823108 5JK Caterpillar 621F WHEEL SCRAPER 5JK
1823109 9NL Caterpillar 621F WHEEL SCRAPER 9NL
1823110 4SK Caterpillar 621F WHEEL TRACTOR 4SK
1823111 8PL Caterpillar 621F WHEEL TRACTOR 8PL
1823112 ANG Caterpillar 621G WHEEL SCRAPER ANG
1823113 CEP Caterpillar 621G WHEEL SCRAPER CEP
1823114 DBX Caterpillar 621G WHEEL SCRAPER DBX
1823115 KLK Caterpillar 621G WHEEL SCRAPER KLK
1823116 MEX Caterpillar 621G WHEEL SCRAPER MEX
1823117 ALP Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR ALP
1823118 CEN Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR CEN
1823119 DBB Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR DBB
1823120 DXB Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR DXB
1823121 KJW Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR KJW
1823122 MSE Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR MSE
1823123 NEL Caterpillar 621G WHEEL TRACTOR NEL
1823124 DBK Caterpillar 621H WHEEL TRACTOR DBK
1823125 EAZ Caterpillar 621H WHEEL TRACTOR EAZ
1823126 HKK Caterpillar 621H WHEEL TRACTOR HKK
1823127 NYY Caterpillar 621H WHEEL TRACTOR NYY
1823128 WTA Caterpillar 621K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTA
1823129 WTL Caterpillar 621K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTL
1823130 WTE Caterpillar 621K OEM WHEEL TRACTOR WTE
1823131 WTP Caterpillar 621K OEM WHEEL TRACTOR WTP
1823132 12Y Caterpillar 621R WHEEL TRACTOR 12Y
1823133 8KD Caterpillar 621S WHEEL TRACTOR 8KD
1823134 CAT Wheel Tractors 623 series
1823135 52U Caterpillar 623 WHEEL TRACTOR 52U
1823136 61E Caterpillar 623B WHEEL SCRAPER 61E
1823137 46P Caterpillar 623B WHEEL TRACTOR 46P
1823138 5SG Caterpillar 623E WHEEL SCRAPER 5SG
1823139 6DB Caterpillar 623E WHEEL SCRAPER 6DB
1823140 6CB Caterpillar 623E WHEEL TRACTOR 6CB
1823141 6YF Caterpillar 623E WHEEL TRACTOR 6YF
1823142 3XW Caterpillar 623F WHEEL SCRAPER 3XW
1823143 5SG Caterpillar 623F WHEEL SCRAPER 5SG
1823144 5EW Caterpillar 623F WHEEL TRACTOR 5EW
1823145 6BK Caterpillar 623F WHEEL TRACTOR 6BK
1823146 AWB Caterpillar 623G WHEEL SCRAPER AWB
1823147 CEW Caterpillar 623G WHEEL SCRAPER CEW
1823148 DBY Caterpillar 623G WHEEL SCRAPER DBY
1823149 ARW Caterpillar 623G WHEEL TRACTOR ARW
1823150 CES Caterpillar 623G WHEEL TRACTOR CES
1823151 DBC Caterpillar 623G WHEEL TRACTOR DBC
1823152 DBF Caterpillar 623H WHEEL TRACTOR DBF
1823153 EJD Caterpillar 623H WHEEL TRACTOR EJD
1823154 WTB Caterpillar 623K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTB
1823156 CAT Wheel Tractors 627 series
1823157 50K Caterpillar 627 WHEEL SCRAPER 50K
1823158 69M Caterpillar 627 WHEEL SCRAPER 69M
1823159 54K Caterpillar 627 WHEEL TRACTOR 54K
1823160 68M Caterpillar 627 WHEEL TRACTOR 68M
1823161 32V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL SCRAPER 32V
1823162 33V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL SCRAPER 33V
1823163 37V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL SCRAPER 37V
1823164 38V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL SCRAPER 38V
1823165 14S Caterpillar 627B WHEEL TRACTOR 14S
1823166 15S Caterpillar 627B WHEEL TRACTOR 15S
1823167 34V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL TRACTOR 34V
1823168 56V Caterpillar 627B WHEEL TRACTOR 56V
1823169 3WJ Caterpillar 627E WHEEL SCRAPER 3WJ
1823170 6FB Caterpillar 627E WHEEL SCRAPER 6FB
1823171 6HB Caterpillar 627E WHEEL SCRAPER 6HB
1823172 6EB Caterpillar 627E WHEEL TRACTOR 6EB
1823173 6GB Caterpillar 627E WHEEL TRACTOR 6GB
1823174 7CG Caterpillar 627E WHEEL TRACTOR 7CG
1823175 4YK Caterpillar 627F WHEEL SCRAPER 4YK
1823176 1DL Caterpillar 627F WHEEL TRACTOR 1DL
1823177 AYK Caterpillar 627G WHEEL SCRAPER AYK
1823178 CEZ Caterpillar 627G WHEEL SCRAPER CEZ
1823179 DBZ Caterpillar 627G WHEEL SCRAPER DBZ
1823180 AXF Caterpillar 627G WHEEL TRACTOR AXF
1823181 CEX Caterpillar 627G WHEEL TRACTOR CEX
1823182 DBD Caterpillar 627G WHEEL TRACTOR DBD
1823183 DBW Caterpillar 627H WHEEL TRACTOR DBW
1823184 LCT Caterpillar 627H WHEEL TRACTOR LCT
1823185 WTC Caterpillar 627K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTC
1823187 CAT Wheel Tractors 630 series
1823188 60F Caterpillar 630A WHEEL SCRAPER 60F
1823189 10G Caterpillar 630B WHEEL SCRAPER 10G
1823190 CAT Wheel Tractors 631 series
1823191 11G Caterpillar 631B WHEEL SCRAPER 11G
1823192 11G Caterpillar 631C WHEEL SCRAPER 11G
1823193 28F Caterpillar 631C WHEEL SCRAPER 28F
1823194 67M Caterpillar 631C WHEEL TRACTOR 67M
1823195 28W Caterpillar 631D WHEEL SCRAPER 28W
1823196 29W Caterpillar 631D WHEEL SCRAPER 29W
1823197 39W Caterpillar 631D WHEEL SCRAPER 39W
1823198 24W Caterpillar 631D WHEEL TRACTOR 24W
1823199 1BB Caterpillar 631E WHEEL SCRAPER 1BB
1823200 4LD Caterpillar 631E WHEEL SCRAPER 4LD
1823201 6PC Caterpillar 631E WHEEL SCRAPER 6PC
1823202 1AB Caterpillar 631E WHEEL TRACTOR 1AB
1823203 1NB Caterpillar 631E WHEEL TRACTOR 1NB
1823204 3ND Caterpillar 631E WHEEL TRACTOR 3ND
1823205 AXZ Caterpillar 631G WHEEL SCRAPER AXZ
1823206 CMT Caterpillar 631G WHEEL SCRAPER CMT
1823207 DEM Caterpillar 631G WHEEL SCRAPER DEM
1823208 AWK Caterpillar 631G WHEEL TRACTOR AWK
1823209 CLR Caterpillar 631G WHEEL TRACTOR CLR
1823210 DFA Caterpillar 631G WHEEL TRACTOR DFA
1823211 DXE Caterpillar 631G WHEEL TRACTOR DXE
1823212 M1W Caterpillar 631G WHEEL TRACTOR M1W
1823213 WTR Caterpillar 631K WHEEL TRACTOR WTR
1823214 WTW Caterpillar 631K WHEEL TRACTOR WTW
1823215 WT4 Caterpillar 631K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WT4
1823216 WT6 Caterpillar 631K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WT6
1823217 CAT Wheel Tractors 633 series
1823218 86H Caterpillar 633 WHEEL SCRAPER 86H
1823219 86H Caterpillar 633B WHEEL SCRAPER 86H
1823220 66M Caterpillar 633C WHEEL TRACTOR 66M
1823221 19W Caterpillar 633D WHEEL SCRAPER 19W
1823222 25W Caterpillar 633D WHEEL TRACTOR 25W
1823223 1EB Caterpillar 633E WHEEL SCRAPER 1EB
1823224 2PS Caterpillar 633E II WHEEL TRACTOR 2PS
1823225 CAT Wheel Tractors 637 series
1823226 64M Caterpillar 637 WHEEL SCRAPER 64M
1823227 91N Caterpillar 637 WHEEL SCRAPER 91N
1823228 92N Caterpillar 637 WHEEL SCRAPER 92N
1823229 65M Caterpillar 637 WHEEL TRACTOR 65M
1823230 79P Caterpillar 637 WHEEL TRACTOR 79P
1823231 26R Caterpillar 637B WHEEL SCRAPER 26R
1823232 20W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 20W
1823233 21W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 21W
1823234 22W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 22W
1823235 23W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 23W
1823236 4JB Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 4JB
1823237 70W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL SCRAPER 70W
1823238 26W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL TRACTOR 26W
1823239 27W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL TRACTOR 27W
1823240 71W Caterpillar 637D WHEEL TRACTOR 71W
1823241 1HB Caterpillar 637E WHEEL SCRAPER 1HB
1823242 1LB Caterpillar 637E WHEEL SCRAPER 1LB
1823243 7CB Caterpillar 637E WHEEL SCRAPER 7CB
1823244 1FB Caterpillar 637E WHEEL TRACTOR 1FB
1823245 1JB Caterpillar 637E WHEEL TRACTOR 1JB
1823246 AWE Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER AWE
1823247 AYN Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER AYN
1823248 CEJ Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER CEJ
1823249 CEM Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER CEM
1823250 DEX Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER DEX
1823251 DEY Caterpillar 637G WHEEL SCRAPER DEY
1823252 AXT Caterpillar 637G WHEEL TRACTOR AXT
1823253 CEH Caterpillar 637G WHEEL TRACTOR CEH
1823254 DFJ Caterpillar 637G WHEEL TRACTOR DFJ
1823255 WTT Caterpillar 637K WHEEL SCRAPER WTT
1823256 WTX Caterpillar 637K WHEEL TRACTOR WTX
1823257 WTS Caterpillar 637K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTS
1823258 WTY Caterpillar 637K WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER WTY
1823259 CAT Wheel Tractors 639 series
1823260 88X Caterpillar 639D WHEEL SCRAPER 88X
1823261 99X Caterpillar 639D WHEEL TRACTOR 99X
1823262 CAT Wheel Tractors 641 series
1823263 43M Caterpillar 641 WHEEL SCRAPER 43M
1823264 41M Caterpillar 641 WHEEL TRACTOR 41M
1823265 64F Caterpillar 641 WHEEL TRACTOR 64F
1823266 42M Caterpillar 641B WHEEL SCRAPER 42M
1823267 43M Caterpillar 641B WHEEL SCRAPER 43M
1823268 65K Caterpillar 641B WHEEL TRACTOR 65K
1823269 CAT Wheel Tractors 650 series
1823270 58K Caterpillar 650B WHEEL TRACTOR 58K
1823271 CAT Wheel Tractors 651 series
1823272 23G Caterpillar 651 WHEEL SCRAPER 23G
1823273 33G Caterpillar 651 WHEEL TRACTOR 33G
1823274 44M Caterpillar 651 WHEEL TRACTOR 44M
1823275 45M Caterpillar 651B WHEEL SCRAPER 45M
1823276 67K Caterpillar 651B WHEEL TRACTOR 67K
1823277 5XR Caterpillar 651E WHEEL SCRAPER 5XR
1823278 88Z Caterpillar 651E WHEEL SCRAPER 88Z
1823279 4YR Caterpillar 651E WHEEL TRACTOR 4YR
1823280 89Z Caterpillar 651E WHEEL TRACTOR 89Z
1823281 CAT Wheel Tractors 657 series
1823282 19G Caterpillar 657 WHEEL SCRAPER 19G
1823283 53K Caterpillar 657 WHEEL SCRAPER 53K
1823284 31G Caterpillar 657 WHEEL TRACTOR 31G
1823285 46M Caterpillar 657 WHEEL TRACTOR 46M
1823286 47M Caterpillar 657B WHEEL SCRAPER 47M
1823287 53K Caterpillar 657B WHEEL SCRAPER 53K
1823288 68K Caterpillar 657B WHEEL TRACTOR 68K
1823289 6MB Caterpillar 657E WHEEL SCRAPER 6MB
1823290 6PR Caterpillar 657E WHEEL SCRAPER 6PR
1823291 7KR Caterpillar 657E WHEEL SCRAPER 7KR
1823292 86Z Caterpillar 657E WHEEL SCRAPER 86Z
1823293 87Z Caterpillar 657E WHEEL SCRAPER 87Z
1823294 5YR Caterpillar 657E WHEEL TRACTOR 5YR
1823295 6TR Caterpillar 657E WHEEL TRACTOR 6TR
1823296 90Z Caterpillar 657E WHEEL TRACTOR 90Z
1823297 91Z Caterpillar 657E WHEEL TRACTOR 91Z
1823298 GER Caterpillar 657G WHEEL SCRAPER GER
1823299 W1E Caterpillar 657G WHEEL SCRAPER W1E
1823300 W1F Caterpillar 657G WHEEL SCRAPER W1F
1823301 A4G Caterpillar 657G WHEEL TRACTOR A4G
1823302 DXG Caterpillar 657G WHEEL TRACTOR DXG
1823303 GRS Caterpillar 657G WHEEL TRACTOR GRS
1823304 W1B Caterpillar 657G WHEEL TRACTOR W1B
1823305 W1C Caterpillar 657G WHEEL TRACTOR W1C
1823306 CAT Wheel Tractors 660 series
1823307 58K Caterpillar 660B WHEEL TRACTOR 58K
1823308 CAT Wheel Tractors 666 series
1823309 20G Caterpillar 666 WHEEL SCRAPER 20G
1823310 64H Caterpillar 666 WHEEL TRACTOR 64H
1823311 20G Caterpillar 666B WHEEL SCRAPER 20G
1823312 66K Caterpillar 666B WHEEL TRACTOR 66K
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