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CATERPILLAR Special Instructions and
Technical Information Bulletins (TIBU)

Special instructions are very important for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of diesel engines and equipment.
This is an additional (sometimes main) information to the basic instructions.

If the Special instruction contradicts the basic instructions, you should use the data from the special instruction.

See some samples below.
1 REHS0956-01 Installation Instructions for Remanufactured Turbochargers - Commercial Engines: All, Truck Engines: All, Machine Engines: All
2 REHS0970-03 Cross-Reference for Electrical Connectors - This is Very useful Special Instruction for repair and order provides a listing of Electrical Connectors and the corresponding Caterpillar part numbers. The electrical connectors that are listed in this Special Instruction are grouped by the type of connector and the number of pins that are used in each connector. All engines.
3 REHS1037-04 Installation Instructions for the Electric Fuel Priming Pump on Caterpillar Equipment With the 24 Volt System - Many Caterpillar machinery
4 REHS1413-06 Installation and Operation of the Caterpillar Messenger Driver Information Display - Truck Engines: All
5 REHS1428-00 Troubleshooting Compressed Air System Components and Performance - Caterpillar Products: Equipped with Air Compressors
6 REHS1653-01 Inspection and/or Repair Procedure to Replace Broken Crankshafts in C-15, C-16, C15, 3406C, 3406E, and 3456 Engines - Caterpillar recommends reading and understanding this procedure completely before attempting any of the repairs that are described This procedure was developed in order to provide a higher quality and a lower cost repair for a broken crankshaft.
7 REHS1718-01 Circuit Breaker Harness Assembly - All Caterpillar machinery
8 REHS1754-00 Troubleshooting Marine Engine Cooling Systems - 3014 (S/N: 4GF1-UP), 3034 (S/N: CPP1-UP), 3054 (S/N: CSH1-UP; CYK1-UP), 3056 (S/N: CKS1-UP), 3116, 3126, 3126B, 3208, 3304, 3306, 3406, 3408, 3412. C-9, C-12 (S/N: 9HP1-UP), C18 (S/N: CKH1-UP), C30 (S/N: CLX1-UP)
9 REHS2421-01 Installation Procedure for 257-4183 Injector Wiring Harness Kit - Many engines
10 REHS2598-02 Troubleshooting the Fuel Priming and Primary Filter Pump Gp and the Fuel Filter Base Assembly - Many engines
11 REHS2859-01 Procedure to Rework the Radiator Guard - Wheel Dozer: 834G (S/N: BPC1-UP; 6GZ1-UP) / 834H (S/N: BTX1-169) / Wheel Loader: 988G (S/N: BNH1-UP; 2TW1-UP) / 988H (S/N: BXY1-591)
12 REHS2874-01 Removal and Installation of the 126-1774 Endbell Cover - Many engines
13 REHS3222-01 Procedure to Replace Engine Starting Motor Cable and Eliminate Main Fuse - Landfill Compactor:836H (S/N: BXD1-651) / Wheel Dozer: 834H (S/N: BTX1-338) / Wheel Loader: 988H (S/N: BXY1-2314)
14 REHS3810-03 Valve Bridges are Included with Cylinder Heads - Many Caterpillar machinery and engines
15 REHS3827-00 Procedure to Handle and Ship Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Catalytic Converter Mufflers - All Caterpillar machinery and engines
16 REHS3838-00 Procedure to Provide Power for the 266-2296 Instrument Panel Gp - Industrial Engine: C7 (S/N: JTF1-UP) / C9 (S/N: JSC1-UP) / C11 (S/N: GLS1-UP) / C13 (S/N: LGK1-UP) / C15 (S/N: JRE1-UP) / C18 (S/N: WJH1-UP) / C27 (S/N: TWM1-UP) / C32 (S/N: TLD1-UP). Petroleum Engine: C7 (S/N: C7P1-UP) / C9 (S/N: P9L1-UP) / C18 (S/N: MPE1-UP) / C32 (S/N: SMP1-UP)
17 REHS4638-01 Caterpillar R448 Voltage Regulator Setup, Troubleshooting, And Correct Part Identification Guide - Engine & Genset (many serial numbers)
18 REHS4675-00 Procedure to Restore the Residual Magnetic Field on Brushless Alternators - This Special Instruction describes the procedure that is used in order to restore the residual magnetic field in the alternator. Many serial numbers.
19 REHS4722-00 Procedure to Rerate the Engine with Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) - Industrial Engine: C7 (S/N: JRA1-UP; JTF1-UP) / C15 (S/N: JRE1-UP) / C27 (S/N: TWM1-UP)
20 REHS4815-00 Installation of the New Alternator Support Assembly on Industrial Engines - Industrial Engine: C15 (S/N: JRE1-UP) / C-15 (S/N: BEM1-UP) / C-16 (S/N: BFM1-UP) / C18 (S/N: WJH1-UP)
21 REHS4822-01 Oversized Injector Sleeves for Remanufactured Cylinder Heads On Medium Sized Engines - Many engines
22 REHS4842-00 Rocker Valley Inserts Are Now Used in Remanufactured Cylinder Heads - Many Caterpillar machinery and engines
23 SEBF8442-02 Contamination Control of Rebuilt Engines by Using a Particle Counting Process Patent Pending - This guideline enables dealers and their customers to benefit from cost reductions made possible through an established contamination control program.
24 SEBU6250-14 Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations - Diesel Fuel Recommendations (Operation and Maintenance Manual)
25 SEBU6250-15 Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations - Operation and Maintenance Manual - This manual should be stored in the operator's compartment in the literature hol der or seat back literature storage area.
26 SEHS7633-07 Battery Maintenance Procedure - All Caterpillar machinery and engines
27 SEHS8698-00 3400 Engine Oil Pumps - The internal gears on both the idler shaft and the drive shaft of the engine oil pump were changed for the some 3400 series engines.
28 SEHS9564-05 3400 Cylinder Head To Block Joint Repair Procedure - This Special Instruction contains the necessary procedures and information for the repair of 3400 engines after a cylinder head gasket failure.
29 SEHS9597-05 Instructions for the Service Replacement of the Remanufactured Turbocharger - Engines:Commercial All, Truck All, Machine All
30 SENR0512-01 Service Welding Guide - This General Service Information is extremely useful for repair
31 SENR3130-10 Torque Specifications for All Caterpillar Products
32 SENR3581-04 37-MT, 41-MT, and 42-MT Series Starting Motors - Repair / Operating / Testing / Adjusting
33 SENS7654-00 Alignment - General Instruction - This instruction describes the general procedures and requirements needed to successfully install and align Caterpillar Engines with various types of driven equipment.
34 SMHS8414-00 & SEBD1246-00 New Piston Group Has A Thicker Top Ring - 3400 series engines
35 SMHS8418-00 Cylinder Block Cleaning Procedure
36 TIBU2107-00 Unapproved Refrigerant Use In Caterpillar HVAC Systems May Adversely Effect Air Conditioner Performance
37 TIBU0556-00 Coolant Leaks Past The Water Pump Seal
38 TIBU0602-00 Remanufactured Fuel Injection Nozzles
39 TIBU1900-00 Idler Stub Shaft Mounting Bolts; Idler Gear Sleeve Bearings
40 TIBU1932-00 Remanufacturing Water Pumps For The 3300 Family Of Engines
41 TIBU2127-00 3300 Engine Timing Measurement For Reduced Emissions And Improved Engine Performance/Life
42 TIBU2238-00 Vacuum Testing Undercarriage Components For Leaks
43 TIBU2286-00 6N-6872 Lifter Guide Spring
44 TIBU2453-00 3306 Engine Oil Pan Plate Leaks
45 TIBU2456-00 Shuttle Valve Failure Causing Malfunction Of Main Hydraulic Pump
46 TIBU2469-00 Rust At The Threaded Openings Of Air Conditioning Accumulators Could Cause A Restriction Of The A/C System
47 TIBU2470-00 3300 Engine Oil Level Maintenance And High Oil Consumption
48 TIBU2640-00 Surface Cracks Found In 138-7574 Link Bracket
49 TIBU2833-00 Test Procedure For Electrical Components Of Air Conditioning System
50 TIBU2994-00 Operation Of 119-1733 And 134-1346 12-Volt Converters
51 TIBU3125-00 Connecting Rod Bearings
52 TIBU3206-00 Testing The Function Of The 3E6477 Relay Assembly (24 Volt)
53 TIBU3233-00 Connecting Rod Bearings
55 TIBU3371-00 Incorrect Assembly Instructions For Rod Seals In Hydraulic Cylinders
56 TIBU3401-00 Low Level Leakage Experienced With The New Caterpillar Yellow Rod Seals
57 TIBU3688-00 Updated Predelivery/Revisit Checklists Are Now Used
58 TIBU3698-00 Exhaust Backpressure Limits For Marine Engines
59 TIBU3731-00 Installation Of The Sitevision GPS Cable Encoder Bracket On Hydraulic Excavators
60 TIBU3849-00 Certain 3E-5239 Relay Assemblies May Fail
61 TIBU3917-02 Liner Flange Breakage
62 TIBU3939-00 Adapter Welds And Base Edge Cracking
63 TIBU4388-01 The Failure of the Buffer Seal that can be Caused by a Defect in the Seal Groove on All Track-Type Tractors, Wheel Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators and Backhoe Loaders that Use Cylinders that were Manufactured After 1January 2000{7562}
64 TIBU4427-00 ET 2004B Problem Reading Injector Trim Files
65 TIBU4522-00 Converting Bucket Base Edges From J-Series Adapters To K-Series Adapters On Certain Excavators
66 TIBU4540-00 New Tooling Helps to Reduce the Amount of Vented Refrigerant on all Cat Machines
67 TIBU4545-00 The Use of High-Pressure Water Sprays to Clean the Undercarriage Can Result in Damage to Undercarriage Components on Track Type Tractors, Track Type Loaders and Excavators
68 TIBU4561-00 590 to 599 Frame Generator Flex Plate Bolts Susceptible to Breaking
69 TIBU4633-02 Procedure to Inspect Machines Potentially Damaged Due to Water Submersion{1000, 7000}
70 TIBU4841-00 Machine Start Switch Key May Not Fit Properly{1416}
71 TIBU4983-00 Usability of Bearings{1202, 1225}
72 TIBU5057-00 Torque on the Impeller Bolt on Remanufactured Water Pumps{1361}
73 TIBU5133-00 Discoloration of the Hydraulic Cylinder Rod on Certain Excavators{5102, 5456, 5457, 5458, 5468, 7562}
74 TIBU5168-00 Recommendations for Battery Charging and Temperatures for Machines and Generator Sets{1401, 751B}
75 TIBU5425-00 Some Hydraulic Couplings are Identified with an Incorrect Part Number{5057}
76 TIBU5504-00 Process for Communicating an Incident with a Battery{1401}
77 TIBU5554-05 Roll Over Protective Structure and Falling Object Protective Structure Identification Film Retention{7000, 7405, 7557}
78 TIBU5591-03 The Battery Disconnect System May Fail on Some Caterpillar Machines{1411}
79 TIBU5644-00 Failures of the Engine Vision on Marine Applications{1900, 7490}
80 TIBU5646-00 Surface Finishes of Cylinder Bores{7562}
81 TIBU5686-00 Color Change for Cylinder Rod Seals (Wiper, U-Cup and Buffer){5100, 7555, 7562}
82 TIBU5810-00 Component Cleaner Can Cause Damage to the Electrical Connectors{1408}
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