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CATERPILLAR Telehandlers

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1818010 CAT Telehandlers TRANSMISSION
1818011 MLS Caterpillar CAT TRANSMISSION MLS
1818012 LKT Caterpillar CAT TRANSMISSION LKT
1818013 CAT Telehandlers RT series
1818014 4XG Caterpillar RT50 TELEHANDLER 4XG
1818015 5PF Caterpillar RT50 TELEHANDLER 5PF
1818016 8DJ Caterpillar RT50SA TELEHANDLER 8DJ
1818017 5DG Caterpillar RT60 TELEHANDLER 5DG
1818018 1GJ Caterpillar RT80 TELEHANDLER 1GJ
1818019 1GJ Caterpillar RT100 TELEHANDLER 1GJ
1818020 CAT Telehandlers RTC series
1818021 4XG Caterpillar RTC60 TELEHANDLER 4XG
1818022 5PF Caterpillar RTC60 TELEHANDLER 5PF
1818023 CAT Telehandlers TH series
1818024 3LN Caterpillar TH62 TELEHANDLER 3LN
1818025 4TM Caterpillar TH62 TELEHANDLER 4TM
1818026 3NN Caterpillar TH63 TELEHANDLER 3NN
1818027 5WM Caterpillar TH63 TELEHANDLER 5WM
1818028 3JN Caterpillar TH82 TELEHANDLER 3JN
1818029 3KN Caterpillar TH82 TELEHANDLER 3KN
1818030 3RN Caterpillar TH83 TELEHANDLER 3RN
1818031 3PN Caterpillar TH103 TELEHANDLER 3PN
1818032 CEC Caterpillar TH210 TELEHANDLER CEC
1818033 MHT Caterpillar TH210 TELEHANDLER MHT
1818034 CEG Caterpillar TH215 TELEHANDLER CEG
1818035 MHS Caterpillar TH215 TELEHANDLER MHS
1818036 SLA Caterpillar TH220B TELEHANDLER SLA
1818037 SLB Caterpillar TH330B TELEHANDLER SLB
1818038 MJR Caterpillar TH336C TELEHANDLER MJR
1818039 THM Caterpillar TH336C TELEHANDLER THM
1818040 DJB Caterpillar TH337C TELEHANDLER DJB
1818041 SXJ Caterpillar TH337C TELEHANDLER SXJ
1818042 SLC Caterpillar TH340B TELEHANDLER SLC
1818043 SLD Caterpillar TH350B TELEHANDLER SLD
1818044 JRK Caterpillar TH355B TELEHANDLER JRK
1818045 SLE Caterpillar TH360B TELEHANDLER SLE
1818046 GAT Caterpillar TH406C TELEHANDLER GAT
1818047 RCH Caterpillar TH406C TELEHANDLER RCH
1818048 JJT Caterpillar TH407C TELEHANDLER JJT
1818049 MLH Caterpillar TH407C TELEHANDLER MLH
1818050 KEK Caterpillar TH414C TELEHANDLER KEK
1818051 RWW Caterpillar TH414C TELEHANDLER RWW
1818052 RRJ Caterpillar TH417C TELEHANDLER RRJ
1818053 RRW Caterpillar TH417C TELEHANDLER RRW
1818054 SLF Caterpillar TH460B TELEHANDLER SLF
1818055 KKW Caterpillar TH514C TELEHANDLER KKW
1818056 MWC Caterpillar TH514C TELEHANDLER MWC
1818057 SLG Caterpillar TH560B TELEHANDLER SLG
1818058 SLH Caterpillar TH580B TELEHANDLER SLH
1818059 FPA Caterpillar THP10 II ACCESS PLATFORM FPA
1818062 CAT Telehandlers TL series
1818063 THG Caterpillar TL642C TELEHANDLER THG
1818064 THL Caterpillar TL642C TELEHANDLER THL
1818065 ML8 Caterpillar TL642D TELEHANDLER ML8
1818066 MLG Caterpillar TL642D TELEHANDLER MLG
1818067 SXH Caterpillar TL943C TELEHANDLER SXH
1818068 THH Caterpillar TL943C TELEHANDLER THH
1818069 MLD Caterpillar TL943D TELEHANDLER MLD
1818070 MLJ Caterpillar TL943D TELEHANDLER MLJ
1818071 KDE Caterpillar TL1055C TELEHANDLER KDE
1818072 MDD Caterpillar TL1055C TELEHANDLER MDD
1818073 ML5 Caterpillar TL1055D TELEHANDLER ML5
1818074 MNT Caterpillar TL1055D TELEHANDLER MNT
1818075 DHW Caterpillar TL1255C TELEHANDLER DHW
1818076 SXM Caterpillar TL1255C TELEHANDLER SXM
1818077 ML7 Caterpillar TL1255D TELEHANDLER ML7
1818078 MYW Caterpillar TL1255D TELEHANDLER MYW
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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