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Model list and diesel engine prefixes

Very important remark: The engine prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes.
152700 CAT G333 - G399 Gas diesel engine
152701 68D Caterpillar G333C GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 68D
152702 71B Caterpillar G342C GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 71B
152703 97N Caterpillar G343 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 97N
152704 64B Caterpillar G353D GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 64B
152705 72B Caterpillar G379 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 72B
152706 72B Caterpillar G379A GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 72B
152707 73B Caterpillar G398 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 73B
152708 49C Caterpillar G399 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 49C
152710 CAT G3304 Gas diesel engine
152711 1RG Caterpillar G3304 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 1RG
152712 37Y Caterpillar G3304 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 37Y
152713 N4F Caterpillar G3304 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL N4F
152720 CAT G3306 / G3306B Gas diesel engine
152721 07Y Caterpillar G3306 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 07Y
152722 3CF Caterpillar G3306 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 3CF
152723 68D Caterpillar G3306 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 68D
152724 G6X Caterpillar G3306 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL G6X
152725 CNR Caterpillar G3306 GENERATOR SET CNR
152726 JCA Caterpillar G3306 GENERATOR SET JCA
152727 4DL Caterpillar G3306 TRUCK ENGINE 4DL
152728 R6S Caterpillar G3306B GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL R6S
152729 S6E Caterpillar G3306B GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL S6E
152740 CAT G3406 Gas diesel engine
152741 1RK Caterpillar G3406 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 1RK
152742 4FD Caterpillar G3406 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4FD
152743 5NW Caterpillar G3406 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 5NW
152744 KAR Caterpillar G3406 GENERATOR SET KAR
152745 R7E Caterpillar G3406 GENERATOR SET R7E
152750 CAT G3408 / G3408B / G3408C Gas diesel engine
152751 6FW Caterpillar G3408 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6FW
152752 6NB Caterpillar G3408 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6NB
152753 8YR Caterpillar G3408 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 8YR
152754 6RJ Caterpillar G3408B GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6RJ
152755 3WR Caterpillar G3408C GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 3WR
152760 CAT G3412 / G3412C Gas diesel engine
152761 3NK Caterpillar G3412 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 3NK
152762 6ZM Caterpillar G3412 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6ZM
152763 7DB Caterpillar G3412 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 7DB
152764 8LW Caterpillar G3412 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 8LW
152765 GNA Caterpillar G3412 GENERATOR SET GNA
152766 KAP Caterpillar G3412 GENERATOR SET KAP
152767 R7A Caterpillar G3412 GENERATOR SET R7A
152768 9RR Caterpillar G3412C GEN SET ENGINE 9RR
152770 CAT G3508 / G3508B Gas diesel engine
152771 2JF Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 2JF
152772 4WD Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4WD
152773 9TG Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 9TG
152774 DLR Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL DLR
152775 WPM Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPM
152776 WPN Caterpillar G3508 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPN
152777 2TJ Caterpillar G3508 GEN SET ENGINE 2TJ
152778 CPJ Caterpillar G3508 GENERATOR SET CPJ
152779 CPS Caterpillar G3508 GENERATOR SET CPS
152780 CPY Caterpillar G3508 GENERATOR SET CPY
152800 CAT G3512 / G3512B / G3512E Gas diesel engine
152801 4KC Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4KC
152802 5JD Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 5JD
152803 6JW Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6JW
152804 7NJ Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 7NJ
152805 GNS Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL GNS
152806 WPP Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPP
152807 WPR Caterpillar G3512 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPR
152808 7SZ Caterpillar G3512 GEN SET ENGINE 7SZ
152809 CRN Caterpillar G3512 GENERATOR SET CRN
152810 CSP Caterpillar G3512 GENERATOR SET CSP
152812 NGS Caterpillar G3512E GENERATOR SET NGS
152813 SSR Caterpillar G3512E GENERATOR SET SSR
152820 CAT G3516 / G3516B / G3516C / G3516E Gas diesel engine
152821 3RC Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 3RC
152822 4EK Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4EK
152823 5PN Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 5PN
152824 8LD Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 8LD
152825 8PW Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 8PW
152826 WPS Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPS
152827 WPT Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPT
152828 WPW Caterpillar G3516 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL WPW
152829 8BZ Caterpillar G3516 GEN SET ENGINE 8BZ
152830 CPG Caterpillar G3516 GENERATOR SET CPG
152831 CSZ Caterpillar G3516 GENERATOR SET CSZ
152832 ZAZ Caterpillar G3516 GENERATOR SET ZAZ
152833 ZBA Caterpillar G3516 GENERATOR SET ZBA
152835 7EZ Caterpillar G3516B GEN SET ENGINE 7EZ
152836 CEY Caterpillar G3516B GEN SET ENGINE CEY
152837 CME Caterpillar G3516B GENERATOR SET CME
152838 CSC Caterpillar G3516B GENERATOR SET CSC
152839 ZBB Caterpillar G3516B GENERATOR SET ZBB
152840 ZBC Caterpillar G3516B GENERATOR SET ZBC
152841 GSB Caterpillar G3516C GENERATOR SET GSB
152842 GZC Caterpillar G3516C GENERATOR SET GZC
152843 GZZ Caterpillar G3516C GENERATOR SET GZZ
152844 TJB Caterpillar G3516C GENERATOR SET TJB
152845 TJC Caterpillar G3516C GENERATOR SET TJC
152846 GAS Caterpillar G3516E GENERATOR SET GAS
152847 SLY Caterpillar G3516E GENERATOR SET SLY
152850 CAT G3520B / G3520C / G3520E Gas diesel engine
152853 BGW Caterpillar G3520B GEN SET ENGINE BGW
152854 CWD Caterpillar G3520B GENERATOR SET CWD
152855 GZP Caterpillar G3520B GENERATOR SET GZP
152856 B9P Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET B9P
152857 CWW Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET CWW
152858 CWY Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET CWY
152859 GZA Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZA
152860 GZB Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZB
152861 GZJ Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZJ
152862 GZK Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZK
152863 GZL Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZL
152864 GZM Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZM
152865 GZN Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET GZN
152866 HAT Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET HAT
152867 LGS Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET LGS
152868 MAD Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET MAD
152869 RLP Caterpillar G3520C GENERATOR SET RLP
152870 GZE Caterpillar G3520E GENERATOR SET GZE
152871 GZG Caterpillar G3520E GENERATOR SET GZG
152872 GZH Caterpillar G3520E GENERATOR SET GZH
152873 HAL Caterpillar G3520E GENERATOR SET HAL
152874 SXY Caterpillar G3520E GENERATOR SET SXY
152880 CAT G3606 / G3606B Gas diesel engine
152881 3XF Caterpillar G3606 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 3XF
152882 4ZS Caterpillar G3606B GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4ZS
152885 CAT G3608 Gas diesel engine
152886 4WF Caterpillar G3608 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4WF
152887 BEN Caterpillar G3608 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL BEN
152890 CAT G3612 Gas diesel engine
152891 1YG Caterpillar G3612 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 1YG
152892 BKE Caterpillar G3612 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL BKE
152895 CAT G3616 Gas diesel engine
152896 4CG Caterpillar G3616 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 4CG
152897 BLB Caterpillar G3616 GAS ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL BLB
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