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CATERPILLAR Excavator 345 | 349 | 350 | 365 | 374 | 375 | 385 | 390 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808764 CAT 345 series Excavators
1808765 2NW Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR 2NW
1808766 2ZW Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR 2ZW
1808767 6MW Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR 6MW
1808768 6XS Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR 6XS
1808769 8KW Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR 8KW
1808770 AMD Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR AMD
1808771 AMJ Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR AMJ
1808772 AMN Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR AMN
1808773 AYR Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR AYR
1808774 BFG Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR BFG
1808775 CFM Caterpillar 345B EXCAVATOR CFM
1808776 AGS Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR AGS
1808777 AKJ Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR AKJ
1808778 AKX Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR AKX
1808779 ALB Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR ALB
1808780 ALD Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR ALD
1808781 ALL Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR ALL
1808782 CCC Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR CCC
1808783 CDJ Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR CDJ
1808784 DCW Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR DCW
1808785 DET Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR DET
1808786 FEE Caterpillar 345B II EXCAVATOR FEE
1808787 APB Caterpillar 345B II MH EXCAVATOR APB
1808788 2SW Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 2SW
1808789 3MW Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 3MW
1808790 4SS Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 4SS
1808791 5WS Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 5WS
1808792 7KS Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 7KS
1808793 8RW Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 8RW
1808794 9CW Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 9CW
1808795 9GS Caterpillar 345B L EXCAVATOR 9GS
1808796 BWY Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR BWY
1808797 DHP Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR DHP
1808798 ELS Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR ELS
1808799 ESD Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR ESD
1808800 GBH Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR GBH
1808801 GCL Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR GCL
1808802 JAR Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR JAR
1808803 MDC Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR MDC
1808804 MTE Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR MTE
1808805 PJW Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR PJW
1808806 RFN Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR RFN
1808807 TAJ Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR TAJ
1808808 TBA Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR TBA
1808809 TDG Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR TDG
1808810 WDE Caterpillar 345C EXCAVATOR WDE
1808811 FPC Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR FPC
1808812 GPH Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR GPH
1808813 L5B Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR L5B
1808814 L5L Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR L5L
1808815 LYS Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR LYS
1808816 S5M Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR S5M
1808817 SCN Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR SCN
1808818 SPC Caterpillar 345C L EXCAVATOR SPC
1808819 D3S Caterpillar 345C MH EXCAVATOR D3S
1808820 M2R Caterpillar 345C MH EXCAVATOR M2R
1808821 BYW Caterpillar 345D EXCAVATOR BYW
1808822 FES Caterpillar 345D EXCAVATOR FES
1808823 L5R Caterpillar 345D EXCAVATOR L5R
1808824 NEG Caterpillar 345D EXCAVATOR NEG
1808825 BYC Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR BYC
1808826 DPA Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR DPA
1808827 EEH Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR EEH
1808828 HLC Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR HLC
1808829 JKN Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR JKN
1808830 KFH Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR KFH
1808831 MLK Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR MLK
1808832 PBT Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR PBT
1808833 RAE Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR RAE
1808834 RAJ Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR RAJ
1808835 RGD Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR RGD
1808836 RGG Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR RGG
1808837 YEE Caterpillar 345D L EXCAVATOR YEE
1808838 LKY Caterpillar 345D L VG EXCAVATOR LKY
1808839 NLM Caterpillar 345D L VG EXCAVATOR NLM
1808840 CAT 349 series Excavators
1808841 GKF Caterpillar 349D EXCAVATOR GKF
1808842 MEN Caterpillar 349D EXCAVATOR MEN
1808843 FLA Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR FLA
1808844 JGB Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR JGB
1808845 KHS Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR KHS
1808846 KLH Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR KLH
1808847 NNF Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR NNF
1808848 PZG Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR PZG
1808849 RBJ Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR RBJ
1808850 WTD Caterpillar 349D L EXCAVATOR WTD
1808851 GAX Caterpillar 349D2 EXCAVATOR GAX
1808852 PFD Caterpillar 349D2 EXCAVATOR PFD
1808853 RAN Caterpillar 349D2 EXCAVATOR RAN
1808854 YAG Caterpillar 349D2 EXCAVATOR YAG
1808855 CE4 Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR CE4
1808856 SDM Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR SDM
1808857 TAH Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR TAH
1808858 XAC Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR XAC
1808859 YAE Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR YAE
1808860 ZAE Caterpillar 349D2 L EXCAVATOR ZAE
1808861 FJB Caterpillar 349E EXCAVATOR FJB
1808862 RGH Caterpillar 349E EXCAVATOR RGH
1808863 ETC Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR ETC
1808864 MPZ Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR MPZ
1808865 MZW Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR MZW
1808866 SPG Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR SPG
1808867 TFG Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR TFG
1808868 WHZ Caterpillar 349E L EXCAVATOR WHZ
1808869 DGE Caterpillar 349E L VG EXCAVATOR DGE
1808870 FEJ Caterpillar 349E L VG EXCAVATOR FEJ
1808871 KCN Caterpillar 349E L VG EXCAVATOR KCN
1808872 KFX Caterpillar 349E L VG EXCAVATOR KFX
1808873 FKF Caterpillar 349E MH EXCAVATOR FKF
1808874 BZ2 Caterpillar 349F L EXCAVATOR BZ2
1808875 HPD Caterpillar 349F L EXCAVATOR HPD
1808876 KEA Caterpillar 349F L EXCAVATOR KEA
1808877 RAX Caterpillar 349F LXE EXCAVATOR RAX
1808878 SFG Caterpillar 349F LXE EXCAVATOR SFG
1808879 CAT 350 series Excavators
1808880 2ZL Caterpillar 350 EXCAVATOR 2ZL
1808881 3ML Caterpillar 350 EXCAVATOR 3ML
1808882 7RK Caterpillar 350 EXCAVATOR 7RK
1808883 8HK Caterpillar 350 EXCAVATOR 8HK
1808884 8KZ Caterpillar 350 L EXCAVATOR 8KZ
1808885 9DK Caterpillar 350 L EXCAVATOR 9DK
1808886 9FL Caterpillar 350 L EXCAVATOR 9FL
1808887 CAT 352 series Excavators
1808888 MDR Caterpillar 352F EXCAVATOR MDR
1808889 NDC Caterpillar 352F EXCAVATOR NDC
1808890 XAL Caterpillar 352F EXCAVATOR XAL
1808891 SD2 Caterpillar 352F XE VG EXCAVATOR SD2
1808892 XAJ Caterpillar 352F XE VG EXCAVATOR XAJ
1808893 A9J Caterpillar 352F-VG EXCAVATOR A9J
1808894 KBP Caterpillar 352F-VG EXCAVATOR KBP
1808895 YEG Caterpillar 352F-VG EXCAVATOR YEG
1808896 CAT 365 series Excavators
1808897 9PZ Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR 9PZ
1808898 9TZ Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR 9TZ
1808899 BTH Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR BTH
1808900 CFJ Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR CFJ
1808901 CTY Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR CTY
1808902 PEG Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR PEG
1808903 SDL Caterpillar 365B EXCAVATOR SDL
1808904 DER Caterpillar 365B II EXCAVATOR DER
1808905 JMB Caterpillar 365B II EXCAVATOR JMB
1808906 4XZ Caterpillar 365B L EXCAVATOR 4XZ
1808907 9TZ Caterpillar 365B L EXCAVATOR 9TZ
1808908 AGD Caterpillar 365B L EXCAVATOR AGD
1808909 ELC Caterpillar 365C EXCAVATOR ELC
1808910 FEN Caterpillar 365C EXCAVATOR FEN
1808911 MCS Caterpillar 365C EXCAVATOR MCS
1808912 MEM Caterpillar 365C EXCAVATOR MEM
1808913 PAR Caterpillar 365C EXCAVATOR PAR
1808914 MCY Caterpillar 365C L EXCAVATOR MCY
1808915 GWC Caterpillar 365C L MH EXCAVATOR GWC
1808916 CAT 374 series Excavators
1808917 PAP Caterpillar 374D L EXCAVATOR PAP
1808918 PAS Caterpillar 374D L EXCAVATOR PAS
1808919 PAX Caterpillar 374D L EXCAVATOR PAX
1808920 PJA Caterpillar 374D L EXCAVATOR PJA
1808921 EBF Caterpillar 374F EXCAVATOR EBF
1808922 AP4 Caterpillar 374F L EXCAVATOR AP4
1808923 AT2 Caterpillar 374F L EXCAVATOR AT2
1808924 DNM Caterpillar 374F L EXCAVATOR DNM
1808925 MFL Caterpillar 374F L EXCAVATOR MFL
1808926 NFJ Caterpillar 374F L EXCAVATOR NFJ
1808927 CAT 375 series Excavators
1808928 6NK Caterpillar 375 EXCAVATOR 6NK
1808929 6RL Caterpillar 375 EXCAVATOR 6RL
1808930 8WJ Caterpillar 375 EXCAVATOR 8WJ
1808931 8XG Caterpillar 375 EXCAVATOR 8XG
1808932 1JM Caterpillar 375 L EXCAVATOR 1JM
1808933 9WL Caterpillar 375 L EXCAVATOR 9WL
1808934 CAT 385 series Excavators
1808935 ANS Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR ANS
1808936 BKF Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR BKF
1808937 BKX Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR BKX
1808938 BLY Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR BLY
1808939 CLS Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR CLS
1808940 FDL Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR FDL
1808941 MYA Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR MYA
1808942 RCD Caterpillar 385B EXCAVATOR RCD
1808943 JCM Caterpillar 385C EXCAVATOR JCM
1808944 KBC Caterpillar 385C EXCAVATOR KBC
1808945 KKK Caterpillar 385C EXCAVATOR KKK
1808946 MNZ Caterpillar 385C EXCAVATOR MNZ
1808947 EAM Caterpillar 385C FS EXCAVATOR EAM
1808948 T2F Caterpillar 385C FS EXCAVATOR T2F
1808949 EDA Caterpillar 385C L EXCAVATOR EDA
1808950 KGB Caterpillar 385C L EXCAVATOR KGB
1808951 SBE Caterpillar 385C L EXCAVATOR SBE
1808952 T2E Caterpillar 385C L EXCAVATOR T2E
1808953 WAW Caterpillar 385C L MH EXCAVATOR WAW
1808954 CAT 390 series Excavators
1808955 BYP Caterpillar 390D EXCAVATOR BYP
1808956 KCZ Caterpillar 390D EXCAVATOR KCZ
1808957 WAG Caterpillar 390D L EXCAVATOR WAG
1808958 WAP Caterpillar 390D L EXCAVATOR WAP
1808959 WBT Caterpillar 390D L EXCAVATOR WBT
1808960 FEH Caterpillar 390F EXCAVATOR FEH
1808961 GAY Caterpillar 390F L EXCAVATOR GAY
1808962 HJD Caterpillar 390F L EXCAVATOR HJD
1808963 HSM Caterpillar 390F L EXCAVATOR HSM
1808964 MGF Caterpillar 390F L EXCAVATOR MGF
1808965 TYE Caterpillar 390F L EXCAVATOR TYE
1808966 N64 Caterpillar 390F L OEM EXCAVATOR N64
1808967 P4J Caterpillar 390F L OEM EXCAVATOR P4J
1808968 CAT 538 series Excavators
1808969 GMY Caterpillar 538 EXCAVATOR GMY
1808970 HBS Caterpillar 538 EXCAVATOR HBS
1808971 JEY Caterpillar 538 EXCAVATOR JEY
1808972 KBJ Caterpillar 538 EXCAVATOR KBJ
1808973 CAT 558 series Excavators
1808974 F5L Caterpillar 558 EXCAVATOR F5L
1808975 LRT Caterpillar 558 EXCAVATOR LRT
1808976 CAT 568 series Excavators
1808977 YJX Caterpillar 568 FM EXCAVATOR YJX
1808978 BRB Caterpillar 568 FM LL EXCAVATOR BRB
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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