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CATERPILLAR Excavator 330 - 336 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808656 CAT 330 series Excavators
1808657 2ZM Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 2ZM
1808658 6ZK Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 6ZK
1808659 8RL Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 8RL
1808660 9NG Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 9NG
1808661 9PJ Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 9PJ
1808662 9WJ Caterpillar 330 EXCAVATOR 9WJ
1808663 8FK Caterpillar 330 FM L EXCAVATOR 8FK
1808664 2EL Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 2EL
1808665 5YM Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 5YM
1808666 6SK Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 6SK
1808667 6WJ Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 6WJ
1808668 8FK Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 8FK
1808669 9ML Caterpillar 330 L EXCAVATOR 9ML
1808670 8CK Caterpillar 330 LN EXCAVATOR 8CK
1808671 2RR Caterpillar 330B EXCAVATOR 2RR
1808672 4YW Caterpillar 330B EXCAVATOR 4YW
1808673 5EZ Caterpillar 330B EXCAVATOR 5EZ
1808674 8SR Caterpillar 330B EXCAVATOR 8SR
1808675 9HN Caterpillar 330B EXCAVATOR 9HN
1808676 1JS Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 1JS
1808677 1KS Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 1KS
1808678 3YR Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 3YR
1808679 3ZZ Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 3ZZ
1808680 4RS Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 4RS
1808681 5LS Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 5LS
1808682 6DR Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 6DR
1808683 8TR Caterpillar 330B L EXCAVATOR 8TR
1808684 5LR Caterpillar 330B LN EXCAVATOR 5LR
1808685 BTM Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR BTM
1808686 GAG Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR GAG
1808687 HAA Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR HAA
1808688 JCD Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR JCD
1808689 JNK Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR JNK
1808690 MCA Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR MCA
1808691 MKM Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR MKM
1808692 RBH Caterpillar 330C EXCAVATOR RBH
1808693 B1K Caterpillar 330C FM EXCAVATOR B1K
1808694 B2L Caterpillar 330C FM EXCAVATOR B2L
1808695 B3M Caterpillar 330C FM EXCAVATOR B3M
1808696 B4N Caterpillar 330C FM EXCAVATOR B4N
1808697 CAP Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR CAP
1808698 CYA Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR CYA
1808699 DKY Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR DKY
1808700 GKX Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR GKX
1808701 JAB Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR JAB
1808702 KDD Caterpillar 330C L EXCAVATOR KDD
1808703 CGZ Caterpillar 330C LN EXCAVATOR CGZ
1808704 D3C Caterpillar 330C MH EXCAVATOR D3C
1808705 EAH Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR EAH
1808706 JJM Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR JJM
1808707 KAB Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR KAB
1808708 LCJ Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR LCJ
1808709 MEY Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR MEY
1808710 PCK Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR PCK
1808711 PFC Caterpillar 330D EXCAVATOR PFC
1808712 E4K Caterpillar 330D FM EXCAVATOR E4K
1808713 H3K Caterpillar 330D FM EXCAVATOR H3K
1808714 L2K Caterpillar 330D FM EXCAVATOR L2K
1808715 B6H Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR B6H
1808716 EDX Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR EDX
1808717 ERN Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR ERN
1808718 FFK Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR FFK
1808719 GBC Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR GBC
1808720 HAS Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR HAS
1808721 JLP Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR JLP
1808722 LDR Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR LDR
1808723 LRM Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR LRM
1808724 MAG Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR MAG
1808725 MWP Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR MWP
1808726 NBD Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR NBD
1808727 NEF Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR NEF
1808728 R2D Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR R2D
1808729 RAS Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR RAS
1808730 RDA Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR RDA
1808731 RDK Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR RDK
1808732 T2Y Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR T2Y
1808733 THJ Caterpillar 330D L EXCAVATOR THJ
1808734 GGE Caterpillar 330D LN EXCAVATOR GGE
1808735 C5K Caterpillar 330D MH EXCAVATOR C5K
1808736 LEM Caterpillar 330D MH EXCAVATOR LEM
1808737 PEL Caterpillar 330D MH EXCAVATOR PEL
1808738 EX7 Caterpillar 330D2 EXCAVATOR EX7
1808739 HSP Caterpillar 330D2 EXCAVATOR HSP
1808740 XDR Caterpillar 330D2 EXCAVATOR XDR
1808741 PTE Caterpillar 330D2 L EXCAVATOR PTE
1808742 RCK Caterpillar 330D2 L EXCAVATOR RCK
1808743 SZK Caterpillar 330D2 L EXCAVATOR SZK
1808744 ZBF Caterpillar 330D2 L EXCAVATOR ZBF
1808745 HBT Caterpillar 330F EXCAVATOR HBT
1808746 JFR Caterpillar 330F EXCAVATOR JFR
1808747 LCG Caterpillar 330F EXCAVATOR LCG
1808748 MBX Caterpillar 330F L EXCAVATOR MBX
1808749 WBA Caterpillar 330F L EXCAVATOR WBA
1808750 LBN Caterpillar 330F LN EXCAVATOR LBN
1808751 CAT 335 series Excavators
1808752 KNE Caterpillar 335F LCR EXCAVATOR KNE
1808753 CAT 336 series Excavators
1808754 EMX Caterpillar 336D EXCAVATOR EMX
1808755 JBT Caterpillar 336D EXCAVATOR JBT
1808756 JER Caterpillar 336D EXCAVATOR JER
1808757 KKT Caterpillar 336D EXCAVATOR KKT
1808758 PGW Caterpillar 336D EXCAVATOR PGW
1808759 DTS Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR DTS
1808760 J2F Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR J2F
1808761 JBF Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR JBF
1808762 JWR Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR JWR
1808763 KDJ Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR KDJ
1808764 LMG Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR LMG
1808765 M2P Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR M2P
1808766 M4T Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR M4T
1808767 MDS Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR MDS
1808768 MPL Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR MPL
1808769 NLS Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR NLS
1808770 PPN Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR PPN
1808771 PRF Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR PRF
1808772 PTB Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR PTB
1808773 SKE Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR SKE
1808774 W3K Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR W3K
1808775 WET Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR WET
1808776 WRK Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR WRK
1808777 ZML Caterpillar 336D L EXCAVATOR ZML
1808778 L5K Caterpillar 336D LN EXCAVATOR L5K
1808779 MYG Caterpillar 336D LN EXCAVATOR MYG
1808780 MYP Caterpillar 336D LN EXCAVATOR MYP
1808781 EFT Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR EFT
1808782 FAJ Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR FAJ
1808783 GGH Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR GGH
1808784 HBZ Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR HBZ
1808785 TLY Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR TLY
1808786 WDC Caterpillar 336D2 EXCAVATOR WDC
1808787 FBT Caterpillar 336D2 GC EXCAVATOR FBT
1808788 NBN Caterpillar 336D2 GC EXCAVATOR NBN
1808789 ELR Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR ELR
1808790 FAR Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR FAR
1808791 GJA Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR GJA
1808792 HBH Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR HBH
1808793 HBK Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR HBK
1808794 LAH Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR LAH
1808795 LAM Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR LAM
1808796 WBC Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR WBC
1808797 XBH Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR XBH
1808798 YCF Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR YCF
1808799 ZCT Caterpillar 336D2 L EXCAVATOR ZCT
1808800 MEH Caterpillar 336D2 L XE EXCAVATOR MEH
1808801 NAH Caterpillar 336D2 LXE EXCAVATOR NAH
1808802 LBX Caterpillar 336D2 XE EXCAVATOR LBX
1808803 MFA Caterpillar 336D2 XE EXCAVATOR MFA
1808804 BK5 Caterpillar 336D2L OEM EXCAVATOR BK5
1808805 R75 Caterpillar 336D2L OEM EXCAVATOR R75
1808806 CMR Caterpillar 336E EXCAVATOR CMR
1808807 KED Caterpillar 336E EXCAVATOR KED
1808808 HDW Caterpillar 336E H EXCAVATOR HDW
1808809 BMH Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR BMH
1808810 BZY Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR BZY
1808811 DPX Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR DPX
1808812 FJH Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR FJH
1808813 GTJ Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR GTJ
1808814 JRJ Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR JRJ
1808815 TEG Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR TEG
1808816 YCE Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR YCE
1808817 YEP Caterpillar 336E L EXCAVATOR YEP
1808818 GNY Caterpillar 336E LH EXCAVATOR GNY
1808819 JEA Caterpillar 336E LH EXCAVATOR JEA
1808820 RZA Caterpillar 336E LH EXCAVATOR RZA
1808821 TMZ Caterpillar 336E LN EXCAVATOR TMZ
1808822 SSL Caterpillar 336E LNH EXCAVATOR SSL
1808823 B39 Caterpillar 336F EXCAVATOR B39
1808824 KCS Caterpillar 336F EXCAVATOR KCS
1808825 LJY Caterpillar 336F EXCAVATOR LJY
1808826 NBL Caterpillar 336F EXCAVATOR NBL
1808827 YFD Caterpillar 336F EXCAVATOR YFD
1808828 DSW Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR DSW
1808829 LCL Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR LCL
1808830 NBS Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR NBS
1808831 RKB Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR RKB
1808832 SSN Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR SSN
1808833 TZA Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR TZA
1808834 WTZ Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR WTZ
1808835 ZBJ Caterpillar 336F L EXCAVATOR ZBJ
1808836 DFY Caterpillar 336F L XE EXCAVATOR DFY
1808837 KGH Caterpillar 336F L XE EXCAVATOR KGH
1808838 LTP Caterpillar 336F L XE EXCAVATOR LTP
1808839 PFL Caterpillar 336F L XE EXCAVATOR PFL
1808840 DKF Caterpillar 336F LN EXCAVATOR DKF
1808841 KFT Caterpillar 336F LN EXCAVATOR KFT
1808842 RBC Caterpillar 336F LN EXCAVATOR RBC
1808843 MTW Caterpillar 336F LN XE EXCAVATOR MTW
1808844 YBH Caterpillar 336F LNXE EXCAVATOR YBH
1808845 NAJ Caterpillar 336F XE EXCAVATOR NAJ
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