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CATERPILLAR Excavator 325 | 328 | 329 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808550 CAT 325 series Excavators
1808551 5WK Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 5WK
1808552 6RM Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 6RM
1808553 7TG Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 7TG
1808554 8JG Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 8JG
1808555 8NL Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 8NL
1808556 8YK Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 8YK
1808557 9SG Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 9SG
1808558 9ZK Caterpillar 325 EXCAVATOR 9ZK
1808559 7LM Caterpillar 325 FM L EXCAVATOR 7LM
1808560 2JK Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 2JK
1808561 2SL Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 2SL
1808562 6KK Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 6KK
1808563 7CJ Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 7CJ
1808564 7LJ Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 7LJ
1808565 8NK Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 8NK
1808566 9KL Caterpillar 325 L EXCAVATOR 9KL
1808567 2SK Caterpillar 325 LN EXCAVATOR 2SK
1808568 3LL Caterpillar 325 LN EXCAVATOR 3LL
1808569 8GM Caterpillar 325B EXCAVATOR 8GM
1808570 8PR Caterpillar 325B EXCAVATOR 8PR
1808571 ABD Caterpillar 325B EXCAVATOR ABD
1808572 1GS Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 1GS
1808573 1HS Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 1HS
1808574 2JR Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 2JR
1808575 4DS Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 4DS
1808576 5BS Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 5BS
1808577 5LW Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 5LW
1808578 6DN Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 6DN
1808579 7EN Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 7EN
1808580 8RR Caterpillar 325B L EXCAVATOR 8RR
1808581 8FN Caterpillar 325B LN EXCAVATOR 8FN
1808582 AMH Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR AMH
1808583 BFE Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BFE
1808584 BKH Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BKH
1808585 BKT Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BKT
1808586 BKW Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BKW
1808587 BLA Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BLA
1808588 BLX Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR BLX
1808589 CRB Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR CRB
1808590 CSJ Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR CSJ
1808591 DTF Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR DTF
1808592 JLC Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR JLC
1808593 JLD Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR JLD
1808594 S2C Caterpillar 325C EXCAVATOR S2C
1808595 G1L Caterpillar 325C FM EXCAVATOR G1L
1808596 M2K Caterpillar 325C FM EXCAVATOR M2K
1808597 S3M Caterpillar 325C FM EXCAVATOR S3M
1808598 Y4P Caterpillar 325C FM EXCAVATOR Y4P
1808599 BMM Caterpillar 325C L EXCAVATOR BMM
1808600 BTD Caterpillar 325C L EXCAVATOR BTD
1808601 CJM Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR CJM
1808602 DAP Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR DAP
1808603 DBH Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR DBH
1808604 GPB Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR GPB
1808605 KDG Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR KDG
1808606 PKE Caterpillar 325D EXCAVATOR PKE
1808607 C7K Caterpillar 325D FM EXCAVATOR C7K
1808608 C8L Caterpillar 325D FM EXCAVATOR C8L
1808609 C9M Caterpillar 325D FM LL EXCAVATOR C9M
1808610 A3R Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR A3R
1808611 AZP Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR AZP
1808612 CYW Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR CYW
1808613 ERK Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR ERK
1808614 GBR Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR GBR
1808615 JCL Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR JCL
1808616 KBE Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR KBE
1808617 LAL Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR LAL
1808618 MCL Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR MCL
1808619 NAC Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR NAC
1808620 PAL Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR PAL
1808621 PEH Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR PEH
1808622 SCR Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR SCR
1808623 T2S Caterpillar 325D L EXCAVATOR T2S
1808624 C4H Caterpillar 325D MH EXCAVATOR C4H
1808625 RJK Caterpillar 325D MH EXCAVATOR RJK
1808626 XAA Caterpillar 325F LCR EXCAVATOR XAA
1808627 YCA Caterpillar 325F LCR EXCAVATOR YCA
1808628 CAT 326 series Excavators
1808629 PJM Caterpillar 326D L EXCAVATOR PJM
1808630 KGY Caterpillar 326D2 EXCAVATOR KGY
1808631 LCW Caterpillar 326D2 EXCAVATOR LCW
1808632 XAM Caterpillar 326D2 EXCAVATOR XAM
1808633 JFL Caterpillar 326D2 L EXCAVATOR JFL
1808634 MGW Caterpillar 326D2 L EXCAVATOR MGW
1808635 MZH Caterpillar 326D2 L EXCAVATOR MZH
1808636 NBX Caterpillar 326D2 L EXCAVATOR NBX
1808637 REC Caterpillar 326D2 L EXCAVATOR REC
1808638 WGL Caterpillar 326F L EXCAVATOR WGL
1808639 XFK Caterpillar 326F L EXCAVATOR XFK
1808640 CJ8 Caterpillar 326F L OEM EXCAVATOR CJ8
1808641 HCJ Caterpillar 326F LN EXCAVATOR HCJ
1808642 CAT 328 series Excavators
1808643 BYH Caterpillar 328D LCR EXCAVATOR BYH
1808644 GTN Caterpillar 328D LCR EXCAVATOR GTN
1808645 MKR Caterpillar 328D LCR EXCAVATOR MKR
1808646 RMX Caterpillar 328D LCR EXCAVATOR RMX
1808647 SWF Caterpillar 328D LCR EXCAVATOR SWF
1808648 CAT 329 series Excavators
1808649 BBF Caterpillar 329D EXCAVATOR BBF
1808650 BYS Caterpillar 329D EXCAVATOR BYS
1808651 DTZ Caterpillar 329D EXCAVATOR DTZ
1808652 WDK Caterpillar 329D EXCAVATOR WDK
1808653 BFC Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR BFC
1808654 CZF Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR CZF
1808655 DJF Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR DJF
1808656 JHJ Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR JHJ
1808657 LFW Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR LFW
1808658 LGN Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR LGN
1808659 MNB Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR MNB
1808660 RSK Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR RSK
1808661 TAY Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR TAY
1808662 TPM Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR TPM
1808663 TZL Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR TZL
1808664 WLT Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR WLT
1808665 XDB Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR XDB
1808666 YFW Caterpillar 329D L EXCAVATOR YFW
1808667 EBM Caterpillar 329D LN EXCAVATOR EBM
1808668 SCY Caterpillar 329D LN EXCAVATOR SCY
1808669 SHJ Caterpillar 329D2 EXCAVATOR SHJ
1808670 TMJ Caterpillar 329D2 EXCAVATOR TMJ
1808671 KJB Caterpillar 329D2 L EXCAVATOR KJB
1808672 RGA Caterpillar 329D2 L EXCAVATOR RGA
1808673 THW Caterpillar 329D2 L EXCAVATOR THW
1808674 WDT Caterpillar 329D2 L EXCAVATOR WDT
1808675 PTY Caterpillar 329E EXCAVATOR PTY
1808676 PLW Caterpillar 329E L EXCAVATOR PLW
1808677 RDX Caterpillar 329E L EXCAVATOR RDX
1808678 TST Caterpillar 329E L EXCAVATOR TST
1808679 WJK Caterpillar 329E L EXCAVATOR WJK
1808680 ZCD Caterpillar 329E L EXCAVATOR ZCD
1808681 H28 Caterpillar 329E L OEM EXCAVATOR H28
1808682 RLD Caterpillar 329E LN EXCAVATOR RLD
1808683 ERL Caterpillar 329F L EXCAVATOR ERL
1808684 GCX Caterpillar 329F L EXCAVATOR GCX
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