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CATERPILLAR Excavator 321 | 322 | 323 | 324 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808448 CAT 321 series Excavators
1808449 9CZ Caterpillar 321B EXCAVATOR 9CZ
1808450 AKG Caterpillar 321B EXCAVATOR AKG
1808451 KGA Caterpillar 321B EXCAVATOR KGA
1808452 DAX Caterpillar 321C EXCAVATOR DAX
1808453 KBB Caterpillar 321C EXCAVATOR KBB
1808454 KCR Caterpillar 321C EXCAVATOR KCR
1808455 MCF Caterpillar 321C EXCAVATOR MCF
1808456 JCX Caterpillar 321D CR EXCAVATOR JCX
1808457 KBH Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR KBH
1808458 KBZ Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR KBZ
1808459 MDT Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR MDT
1808460 MPG Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR MPG
1808461 NAS Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR NAS
1808462 PBD Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR PBD
1808463 TXA Caterpillar 321D LCR EXCAVATOR TXA
1808464 CAT 322 series Excavators
1808465 7WL Caterpillar 322 EXCAVATOR 7WL
1808466 9RL Caterpillar 322 FM L EXCAVATOR 9RL
1808467 8CL Caterpillar 322 L EXCAVATOR 8CL
1808468 8ML Caterpillar 322 L EXCAVATOR 8ML
1808469 9RL Caterpillar 322 L EXCAVATOR 9RL
1808470 4RM Caterpillar 322 LN EXCAVATOR 4RM
1808471 3NR Caterpillar 322B EXCAVATOR 3NR
1808472 8MR Caterpillar 322B EXCAVATOR 8MR
1808473 1AS Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 1AS
1808474 1BS Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 1BS
1808475 1YS Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 1YS
1808476 2ES Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 2ES
1808477 5CR Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 5CR
1808478 8NR Caterpillar 322B L EXCAVATOR 8NR
1808479 1ZS Caterpillar 322B LN EXCAVATOR 1ZS
1808480 ADX Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR ADX
1808481 BFK Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BFK
1808482 BFN Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BFN
1808483 BFX Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BFX
1808484 BGR Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BGR
1808485 BKJ Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BKJ
1808486 BKM Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BKM
1808487 BLP Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BLP
1808488 BMX Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BMX
1808489 BNY Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BNY
1808490 BTE Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR BTE
1808491 DAA Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR DAA
1808492 EMR Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR EMR
1808493 FED Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR FED
1808494 HBG Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR HBG
1808495 HEK Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR HEK
1808496 KCF Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR KCF
1808497 MAR Caterpillar 322C EXCAVATOR MAR
1808498 BPH Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR BPH
1808499 C3R Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR C3R
1808500 CAM Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR CAM
1808501 CBY Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR CBY
1808502 LAR Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR LAR
1808503 M2H Caterpillar 322C FM EXCAVATOR M2H
1808504 9JL Caterpillar 322N EXCAVATOR 9JL
1808505 CAT 323 series Excavators
1808506 WNE Caterpillar 323D EXCAVATOR WNE
1808507 BYM Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR BYM
1808508 GTF Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR GTF
1808509 JLG Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR JLG
1808510 LFL Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR LFL
1808511 NDE Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR NDE
1808512 NZF Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR NZF
1808513 PBE Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR PBE
1808514 PBM Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR PBM
1808515 SDC Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR SDC
1808516 WGC Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR WGC
1808517 YSD Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR YSD
1808518 ZMF Caterpillar 323D L EXCAVATOR ZMF
1808519 CWG Caterpillar 323D LN EXCAVATOR CWG
1808520 CYD Caterpillar 323D LN EXCAVATOR CYD
1808521 FAW Caterpillar 323D LN EXCAVATOR FAW
1808522 RAC Caterpillar 323D LN EXCAVATOR RAC
1808523 DKW Caterpillar 323D S EXCAVATOR DKW
1808524 SED Caterpillar 323D S EXCAVATOR SED
1808525 NES Caterpillar 323D SA EXCAVATOR NES
1808526 JEX Caterpillar 323D2 EXCAVATOR JEX
1808527 FLC Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR FLC
1808528 JEG Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR JEG
1808529 KBX Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR KBX
1808530 KCE Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR KCE
1808531 PJP Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR PJP
1808532 TDT Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR TDT
1808533 XBK Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR XBK
1808534 YCR Caterpillar 323D2 L EXCAVATOR YCR
1808535 RAP Caterpillar 323E L EXCAVATOR RAP
1808536 TDW Caterpillar 323E LN EXCAVATOR TDW
1808537 YRP Caterpillar 323E SA EXCAVATOR YRP
1808538 KBY Caterpillar 323F EXCAVATOR KBY
1808539 NCW Caterpillar 323F EXCAVATOR NCW
1808540 PLB Caterpillar 323F L EXCAVATOR PLB
1808541 XCF Caterpillar 323F L EXCAVATOR XCF
1808542 YEJ Caterpillar 323F L EXCAVATOR YEJ
1808543 YEC Caterpillar 323F LN EXCAVATOR YEC
1808544 P39 Caterpillar 323F OEM EXCAVATOR P39
1808545 CAT 324 series Excavators
1808546 AWN Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR AWN
1808547 CJX Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR CJX
1808548 ECH Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR ECH
1808549 JZR Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR JZR
1808550 LBW Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR LBW
1808551 MND Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR MND
1808552 T2D Caterpillar 324D EXCAVATOR T2D
1808553 JGK Caterpillar 324D FM EXCAVATOR JGK
1808554 JKR Caterpillar 324D FM EXCAVATOR JKR
1808555 JLS Caterpillar 324D FM LL EXCAVATOR JLS
1808556 BTK Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR BTK
1808557 BYE Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR BYE
1808558 DFP Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR DFP
1808559 GPK Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR GPK
1808560 JAT Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR JAT
1808561 JJG Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR JJG
1808562 LAB Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR LAB
1808563 PYT Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR PYT
1808564 SYM Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR SYM
1808565 TSN Caterpillar 324D L EXCAVATOR TSN
1808566 EJC Caterpillar 324D LN EXCAVATOR EJC
1808567 TRH Caterpillar 324D LN EXCAVATOR TRH
1808568 JCZ Caterpillar 324E EXCAVATOR JCZ
1808569 KTE Caterpillar 324E L EXCAVATOR KTE
1808570 PNW Caterpillar 324E L EXCAVATOR PNW
1808571 TLF Caterpillar 324E L EXCAVATOR TLF
1808572 K32 Caterpillar 324E L OEM EXCAVATOR K32
1808573 LDG Caterpillar 324E LN EXCAVATOR LDG
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