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CATERPILLAR Excavator 320 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808298 CAT 320 series Excavators
1808299 2BN Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 2BN
1808300 2DL Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 2DL
1808301 3RK Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 3RK
1808302 3XM Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 3XM
1808303 4ZJ Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 4ZJ
1808304 7WK Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 7WK
1808305 8HL Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 8HL
1808306 8LK Caterpillar 320 EXCAVATOR 8LK
1808307 1KL Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 1KL
1808308 1TL Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 1TL
1808309 3XK Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 3XK
1808310 4BK Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 4BK
1808311 4JM Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 4JM
1808312 9KK Caterpillar 320 L EXCAVATOR 9KK
1808313 1CS Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 1CS
1808314 1XS Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 1XS
1808315 3MR Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 3MR
1808316 3YZ Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 3YZ
1808317 4FS Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 4FS
1808318 4NR Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 4NR
1808319 4XW Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 4XW
1808320 5BR Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 5BR
1808321 8ES Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 8ES
1808322 9KR Caterpillar 320B EXCAVATOR 9KR
1808323 6LS Caterpillar 320B FM LL EXCAVATOR 6LS
1808324 9JS Caterpillar 320B FM LL EXCAVATOR 9JS
1808325 1ES Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 1ES
1808326 2WZ Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 2WZ
1808327 4MR Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 4MR
1808328 5CS Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 5CS
1808329 5GW Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 5GW
1808330 6CR Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 6CR
1808331 6LW Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 6LW
1808332 7JR Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 7JR
1808333 9CS Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 9CS
1808334 9WS Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR 9WS
1808335 AED Caterpillar 320B L EXCAVATOR AED
1808336 6LS Caterpillar 320B LL EXCAVATOR 6LS
1808337 9JS Caterpillar 320B LL EXCAVATOR 9JS
1808338 7ZZ Caterpillar 320B LU EXCAVATOR 7ZZ
1808339 BBG Caterpillar 320B LU EXCAVATOR BBG
1808340 2AS Caterpillar 320B N EXCAVATOR 2AS
1808341 4NR Caterpillar 320B N EXCAVATOR 4NR
1808342 5MS Caterpillar 320B S EXCAVATOR 5MS
1808343 8GZ Caterpillar 320B U EXCAVATOR 8GZ
1808344 BAN Caterpillar 320B U EXCAVATOR BAN
1808345 AKH Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR AKH
1808346 ALF Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR ALF
1808347 ALX Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR ALX
1808348 AMC Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR AMC
1808349 ANB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR ANB
1808350 APA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR APA
1808351 AXK Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR AXK
1808352 BBL Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BBL
1808353 BCB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BCB
1808354 BCN Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BCN
1808355 BDB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BDB
1808356 BDC Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BDC
1808357 BDE Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BDE
1808358 BEA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BEA
1808359 BER Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BER
1808360 BMZ Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BMZ
1808361 BPR Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BPR
1808362 BRX Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR BRX
1808363 CLM Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR CLM
1808364 CLZ Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR CLZ
1808365 DBG Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR DBG
1808366 EGA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR EGA
1808367 EGL Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR EGL
1808368 FBA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR FBA
1808369 FBB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR FBB
1808370 GAA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR GAA
1808371 GAB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR GAB
1808372 GAD Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR GAD
1808373 GLA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR GLA
1808374 GNG Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR GNG
1808375 HBC Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR HBC
1808376 HKT Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR HKT
1808377 JPL Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR JPL
1808378 JTG Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR JTG
1808379 MAA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR MAA
1808380 MAB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR MAB
1808381 MAC Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR MAC
1808382 PAA Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR PAA
1808383 PAB Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR PAB
1808384 PAC Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR PAC
1808385 RAW Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR RAW
1808386 SBN Caterpillar 320C EXCAVATOR SBN
1808387 BGB Caterpillar 320C FM EXCAVATOR BGB
1808388 BKK Caterpillar 320C FM EXCAVATOR BKK
1808389 SAH Caterpillar 320C FM EXCAVATOR SAH
1808390 TBR Caterpillar 320C FM EXCAVATOR TBR
1808391 EAG Caterpillar 320C L EXCAVATOR EAG
1808392 A6F Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR A6F
1808393 AZR Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR AZR
1808394 BWZ Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR BWZ
1808395 BZP Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR BZP
1808396 CXY Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR CXY
1808397 DFT Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR DFT
1808398 EBT Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR EBT
1808399 FAL Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR FAL
1808400 GKS Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR GKS
1808401 JFZ Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR JFZ
1808402 JGZ Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR JGZ
1808403 JPD Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR JPD
1808404 KLM Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR KLM
1808405 MCH Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR MCH
1808406 MZD Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR MZD
1808407 SNS Caterpillar 320D EXCAVATOR SNS
1808408 BWW Caterpillar 320D FM EXCAVATOR BWW
1808409 BZF Caterpillar 320D FM EXCAVATOR BZF
1808410 CYZ Caterpillar 320D FM EXCAVATOR CYZ
1808411 EAX Caterpillar 320D FM EXCAVATOR EAX
1808412 KHN Caterpillar 320D FM EXCAVATOR KHN
1808413 SRT Caterpillar 320D FM RR EXCAVATOR SRT
1808414 JZA Caterpillar 320D GC EXCAVATOR JZA
1808415 KTF Caterpillar 320D GC EXCAVATOR KTF
1808416 PCM Caterpillar 320D GC EXCAVATOR PCM
1808417 A8F Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR A8F
1808418 A9F Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR A9F
1808419 BWP Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR BWP
1808420 DFB Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR DFB
1808421 DHK Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR DHK
1808422 FNA Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR FNA
1808423 GDP Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR GDP
1808424 KGF Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR KGF
1808425 KZF Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR KZF
1808426 MDE Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR MDE
1808427 MGG Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR MGG
1808428 PHX Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR PHX
1808429 SPN Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR SPN
1808430 TDH Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR TDH
1808431 WJN Caterpillar 320D L EXCAVATOR WJN
1808432 KAF Caterpillar 320D LN EXCAVATOR KAF
1808433 PCX Caterpillar 320D LN EXCAVATOR PCX
1808434 WBN Caterpillar 320D LN EXCAVATOR WBN
1808435 CWN Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR CWN
1808436 DHE Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR DHE
1808437 EBY Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR EBY
1808438 EJT Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR EJT
1808439 FXK Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR FXK
1808440 HJC Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR HJC
1808441 SCW Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR SCW
1808442 TAE Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR TAE
1808443 XCK Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR XCK
1808444 ZGB Caterpillar 320D LRR EXCAVATOR ZGB
1808445 AMR Caterpillar 320D RR EXCAVATOR AMR
1808446 GKL Caterpillar 320D RR EXCAVATOR GKL
1808447 GMX Caterpillar 320D RR EXCAVATOR GMX
1808448 RBL Caterpillar 320D RR EXCAVATOR RBL
1808449 YDS Caterpillar 320D RR EXCAVATOR YDS
1808450 DFM Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR DFM
1808451 DNP Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR DNP
1808452 ESG Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR ESG
1808453 FKK Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR FKK
1808454 GBA Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR GBA
1808455 KBS Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR KBS
1808456 LCA Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR LCA
1808457 LMA Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR LMA
1808458 MDJ Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR MDJ
1808459 NBF Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR NBF
1808460 RDZ Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR RDZ
1808461 TDN Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR TDN
1808462 TDZ Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR TDZ
1808463 TGJ Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR TGJ
1808464 TMF Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR TMF
1808465 WBY Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR WBY
1808466 WDJ Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR WDJ
1808467 XAN Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR XAN
1808468 XBA Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR XBA
1808469 XBB Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR XBB
1808470 YBE Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR YBE
1808471 YBK Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR YBK
1808472 YEA Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR YEA
1808473 ZBD Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR ZBD
1808474 ZBM Caterpillar 320D2 EXCAVATOR ZBM
1808475 BW2 Caterpillar 320D2 FM EXCAVATOR BW2
1808476 CY2 Caterpillar 320D2 FM EXCAVATOR CY2
1808477 DGH Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR DGH
1808478 JFM Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR JFM
1808479 NBH Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR NBH
1808480 PFE Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR PFE
1808481 XAK Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR XAK
1808482 YBJ Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR YBJ
1808483 ZBH Caterpillar 320D2 GC EXCAVATOR ZBH
1808484 DNS Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR DNS
1808485 EAL Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR EAL
1808486 EKT Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR EKT
1808487 HDM Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR HDM
1808488 KHR Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR KHR
1808489 NBT Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR NBT
1808490 PBB Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR PBB
1808491 RAR Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR RAR
1808492 SDZ Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR SDZ
1808493 STN Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR STN
1808494 WBF Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR WBF
1808495 ZCS Caterpillar 320D2 L EXCAVATOR ZCS
1808496 K22 Caterpillar 320D2L OEM EXCAVATOR K22
1808497 AWS Caterpillar 320E EXCAVATOR AWS
1808498 SHX Caterpillar 320E EXCAVATOR SHX
1808499 SXE Caterpillar 320E EXCAVATOR SXE
1808500 KLT Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR KLT
1808501 LAK Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR LAK
1808502 NAZ Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR NAZ
1808503 REE Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR REE
1808504 TEX Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR TEX
1808505 TNJ Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR TNJ
1808506 WBK Caterpillar 320E L EXCAVATOR WBK
1808507 DFG Caterpillar 320E LN EXCAVATOR DFG
1808508 MEW Caterpillar 320E LRR EXCAVATOR MEW
1808509 PNL Caterpillar 320E LRR EXCAVATOR PNL
1808510 TFX Caterpillar 320E LRR EXCAVATOR TFX
1808511 LHN Caterpillar 320E RR EXCAVATOR LHN
1808512 REW Caterpillar 320F EXCAVATOR REW
1808513 NHD Caterpillar 320F L EXCAVATOR NHD
1808514 YBM Caterpillar 320F L EXCAVATOR YBM
1808515 1XM Caterpillar 320N EXCAVATOR 1XM
1808516 9WG Caterpillar 320N EXCAVATOR 9WG
1808517 6KM Caterpillar 320S EXCAVATOR 6KM
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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