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List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808137 CAT 231 series Excavators
1808138 1NK Caterpillar 231D EXCAVATOR 1NK
1808139 5WJ Caterpillar 231D EXCAVATOR 5WJ
1808140 CAT 235 series Excavators
1808141 32K Caterpillar 235 EXCAVATOR 32K
1808142 62X Caterpillar 235 EXCAVATOR 62X
1808143 64R Caterpillar 235 EXCAVATOR 64R
1808144 81X Caterpillar 235 EXCAVATOR 81X
1808145 83X Caterpillar 235 EXCAVATOR 83X
1808146 1FD Caterpillar 235B EXCAVATOR 1FD
1808147 4ED Caterpillar 235B EXCAVATOR 4ED
1808148 7WC Caterpillar 235B EXCAVATOR 7WC
1808149 9PC Caterpillar 235B EXCAVATOR 9PC
1808150 2PG Caterpillar 235C EXCAVATOR 2PG
1808151 3WG Caterpillar 235C EXCAVATOR 3WG
1808152 5AF Caterpillar 235C EXCAVATOR 5AF
1808153 8KJ Caterpillar 235D EXCAVATOR 8KJ
1808154 8TJ Caterpillar 235D EXCAVATOR 8TJ
1808155 CAT 245 series Excavators
1808156 82X Caterpillar 245 EXCAVATOR 82X
1808157 84X Caterpillar 245 EXCAVATOR 84X
1808158 94L Caterpillar 245 EXCAVATOR 94L
1808159 95V Caterpillar 245 EXCAVATOR 95V
1808160 1SJ Caterpillar 245B EXCAVATOR 1SJ
1808161 6MF Caterpillar 245B EXCAVATOR 6MF
1808162 4LK Caterpillar 245D EXCAVATOR 4LK
1808163 7ZJ Caterpillar 245D EXCAVATOR 7ZJ
1808164 CAT 307 series Excavators
1808165 2PM Caterpillar 307 EXCAVATOR 2PM
1808166 2WM Caterpillar 307 EXCAVATOR 2WM
1808167 CAT 311 series Excavators
1808168 2KM Caterpillar 311 EXCAVATOR 2KM
1808169 9LJ Caterpillar 311 EXCAVATOR 9LJ
1808170 2LS Caterpillar 311B EXCAVATOR 2LS
1808171 8GR Caterpillar 311B EXCAVATOR 8GR
1808172 9MR Caterpillar 311B EXCAVATOR 9MR
1808173 CKE Caterpillar 311C EXCAVATOR CKE
1808174 CLK Caterpillar 311C EXCAVATOR CLK
1808175 PAD Caterpillar 311C EXCAVATOR PAD
1808176 AKW Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR AKW
1808177 CLA Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR CLA
1808178 DDW Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR DDW
1808179 DWR Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR DWR
1808180 LKA Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR LKA
1808181 PNJ Caterpillar 311D LRR EXCAVATOR PNJ
1808182 JFT Caterpillar 311F LRR EXCAVATOR JFT
1808183 KCW Caterpillar 311F LRR EXCAVATOR KCW
1808184 LZF Caterpillar 311F LRR EXCAVATOR LZF
1808185 CAT 312 series Excavators
1808186 6BL Caterpillar 312 EXCAVATOR 6BL
1808187 6GK Caterpillar 312 EXCAVATOR 6GK
1808188 2NS Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 2NS
1808189 3ES Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 3ES
1808190 6SW Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 6SW
1808191 9GR Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 9GR
1808192 9HR Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 9HR
1808193 9NW Caterpillar 312B EXCAVATOR 9NW
1808194 2KW Caterpillar 312B L EXCAVATOR 2KW
1808195 3FS Caterpillar 312B L EXCAVATOR 3FS
1808196 8JR Caterpillar 312B L EXCAVATOR 8JR
1808197 9FS Caterpillar 312B L EXCAVATOR 9FS
1808198 BNN Caterpillar 312C EXCAVATOR BNN
1808199 BWH Caterpillar 312C EXCAVATOR BWH
1808200 CAE Caterpillar 312C EXCAVATOR CAE
1808201 DBN Caterpillar 312C EXCAVATOR DBN
1808202 FDS Caterpillar 312C EXCAVATOR FDS
1808203 CBA Caterpillar 312C L EXCAVATOR CBA
1808204 CBT Caterpillar 312C L EXCAVATOR CBT
1808205 DLP Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR DLP
1808206 FBJ Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR FBJ
1808207 HCW Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR HCW
1808208 HJX Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR HJX
1808209 KCD Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR KCD
1808210 LRK Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR LRK
1808211 PHH Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR PHH
1808212 RHL Caterpillar 312D EXCAVATOR RHL
1808213 JBC Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR JBC
1808214 KES Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR KES
1808215 L44 Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR L44
1808216 L5W Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR L5W
1808217 RKF Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR RKF
1808218 SKA Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR SKA
1808219 TGY Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR TGY
1808220 XGK Caterpillar 312D L EXCAVATOR XGK
1808221 DGF Caterpillar 312D2 EXCAVATOR DGF
1808222 GWN Caterpillar 312D2 EXCAVATOR GWN
1808223 KLE Caterpillar 312D2 EXCAVATOR KLE
1808224 TJY Caterpillar 312D2 EXCAVATOR TJY
1808225 BRW Caterpillar 312D2 GC EXCAVATOR BRW
1808226 F4F Caterpillar 312D2 GC EXCAVATOR F4F
1808227 RXZ Caterpillar 312D2 GC EXCAVATOR RXZ
1808228 EAB Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR EAB
1808229 FAB Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR FAB
1808230 HBF Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR HBF
1808231 MGJ Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR MGJ
1808232 MPP Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR MPP
1808233 WHJ Caterpillar 312D2 L EXCAVATOR WHJ
1808234 GAC Caterpillar 312E EXCAVATOR GAC
1808235 PZL Caterpillar 312E EXCAVATOR PZL
1808236 MJD Caterpillar 312E L EXCAVATOR MJD
1808237 WEY Caterpillar 312E L EXCAVATOR WEY
1808238 NLG Caterpillar 312F EXCAVATOR NLG
1808239 FKE Caterpillar 312F GC EXCAVATOR FKE
1808240 CAT 313 series Excavators
1808241 9PR Caterpillar 313B EXCAVATOR 9PR
1808242 AEX Caterpillar 313B EXCAVATOR AEX
1808243 BAS Caterpillar 313B EXCAVATOR BAS
1808244 HGF Caterpillar 313C EXCAVATOR HGF
1808245 WSA Caterpillar 313C SR EXCAVATOR WSA
1808246 KXD Caterpillar 313D EXCAVATOR KXD
1808247 WPK Caterpillar 313D EXCAVATOR WPK
1808248 LCE Caterpillar 313D CR EXCAVATOR LCE
1808249 LBR Caterpillar 313D SR EXCAVATOR LBR
1808250 FAP Caterpillar 313D2 EXCAVATOR FAP
1808251 LCY Caterpillar 313D2 EXCAVATOR LCY
1808252 PLD Caterpillar 313D2 EXCAVATOR PLD
1808253 RDE Caterpillar 313D2 EXCAVATOR RDE
1808254 ZAA Caterpillar 313D2 EXCAVATOR ZAA
1808255 GAP Caterpillar 313D2 GC EXCAVATOR GAP
1808256 GAJ Caterpillar 313D2 LGP EXCAVATOR GAJ
1808257 RKN Caterpillar 313D2 LGP EXCAVATOR RKN
1808258 DJE Caterpillar 313F L EXCAVATOR DJE
1808259 PRG Caterpillar 313F L EXCAVATOR PRG
1808260 GJD Caterpillar 313F LGC EXCAVATOR GJD
1808261 HDK Caterpillar 313F LGC EXCAVATOR HDK
1808262 CAT 314 series Excavators
1808263 KHB Caterpillar 314C EXCAVATOR KHB
1808264 KJA Caterpillar 314C EXCAVATOR KJA
1808265 PCA Caterpillar 314C EXCAVATOR PCA
1808266 SNY Caterpillar 314C EXCAVATOR SNY
1808267 MFK Caterpillar 314D CR EXCAVATOR MFK
1808268 PDP Caterpillar 314D CR EXCAVATOR PDP
1808269 WLN Caterpillar 314D CR EXCAVATOR WLN
1808270 BYJ Caterpillar 314D LCR EXCAVATOR BYJ
1808271 SBP Caterpillar 314D LCR EXCAVATOR SBP
1808272 SSZ Caterpillar 314D LCR EXCAVATOR SSZ
1808273 TXN Caterpillar 314D LCR EXCAVATOR TXN
1808274 XHR Caterpillar 314D LCR EXCAVATOR XHR
1808275 CW8 Caterpillar 314E CR EXCAVATOR CW8
1808276 ECN Caterpillar 314E CR EXCAVATOR ECN
1808277 GMD Caterpillar 314E CR EXCAVATOR GMD
1808278 DKD Caterpillar 314E LCR EXCAVATOR DKD
1808279 YCW Caterpillar 314E LCR EXCAVATOR YCW
1808280 ZJT Caterpillar 314E LCR EXCAVATOR ZJT
1808281 CAT 315 series Excavators
1808282 3ZM Caterpillar 315 EXCAVATOR 3ZM
1808283 4YM Caterpillar 315 EXCAVATOR 4YM
1808284 6YM Caterpillar 315 L EXCAVATOR 6YM
1808285 1SW Caterpillar 315B EXCAVATOR 1SW
1808286 2DW Caterpillar 315B EXCAVATOR 2DW
1808287 7RZ Caterpillar 315B FM L EXCAVATOR 7RZ
1808288 3AW Caterpillar 315B L EXCAVATOR 3AW
1808289 5SW Caterpillar 315B L EXCAVATOR 5SW
1808290 7RZ Caterpillar 315B L EXCAVATOR 7RZ
1808291 AKE Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR AKE
1808292 ANF Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR ANF
1808293 BTL Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR BTL
1808294 CFB Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR CFB
1808295 CFL Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR CFL
1808296 CFT Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR CFT
1808297 CJC Caterpillar 315C EXCAVATOR CJC
1808298 BYK Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR BYK
1808299 BZN Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR BZN
1808300 CJN Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR CJN
1808301 JGS Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR JGS
1808302 JHA Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR JHA
1808303 KBD Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR KBD
1808304 NCM Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR NCM
1808305 TLE Caterpillar 315D L EXCAVATOR TLE
1808306 TDY Caterpillar 315F LCR EXCAVATOR TDY
1808307 CAT 316 series Excavators
1808308 DZW Caterpillar 316E L EXCAVATOR DZW
1808309 WZY Caterpillar 316E L EXCAVATOR WZY
1808310 YZZ Caterpillar 316E L EXCAVATOR YZZ
1808311 F32 Caterpillar 316E L OEM EXCAVATOR F32
1808312 ECZ Caterpillar 316F L EXCAVATOR ECZ
1808313 YDL Caterpillar 316F L EXCAVATOR YDL
1808314 CAT 317 series Excavators
1808315 4MM Caterpillar 317 EXCAVATOR 4MM
1808316 9SR Caterpillar 317 N EXCAVATOR 9SR
1808317 9WW Caterpillar 317B L EXCAVATOR 9WW
1808318 6DZ Caterpillar 317B LN EXCAVATOR 6DZ
1808319 CAT 318 series Excavators
1808320 3LR Caterpillar 318B EXCAVATOR 3LR
1808321 ADC Caterpillar 318B EXCAVATOR ADC
1808322 7KZ Caterpillar 318B N EXCAVATOR 7KZ
1808323 AEJ Caterpillar 318B N EXCAVATOR AEJ
1808324 BTG Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR BTG
1808325 CWP Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR CWP
1808326 DAH Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR DAH
1808327 FAA Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR FAA
1808328 GPA Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR GPA
1808329 MDY Caterpillar 318C EXCAVATOR MDY
1808330 ZKJ Caterpillar 318D L EXCAVATOR ZKJ
1808331 SGB Caterpillar 318D2 EXCAVATOR SGB
1808332 DPJ Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR DPJ
1808333 HAH Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR HAH
1808334 HBP Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR HBP
1808335 JEB Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR JEB
1808336 TZS Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR TZS
1808337 WGR Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR WGR
1808338 XAH Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR XAH
1808339 XGS Caterpillar 318D2 L EXCAVATOR XGS
1808340 ERR Caterpillar 318E EXCAVATOR ERR
1808341 DZF Caterpillar 318E L EXCAVATOR DZF
1808342 WZS Caterpillar 318E L EXCAVATOR WZS
1808343 FFT Caterpillar 318F L EXCAVATOR FFT
1808344 HCP Caterpillar 318F L EXCAVATOR HCP
1808345 CAT 319 series Excavators
1808346 KGL Caterpillar 319C EXCAVATOR KGL
1808347 BZH Caterpillar 319D EXCAVATOR BZH
1808348 DAY Caterpillar 319D EXCAVATOR DAY
1808349 AYF Caterpillar 319D L EXCAVATOR AYF
1808350 EAW Caterpillar 319D L EXCAVATOR EAW
1808351 KRM Caterpillar 319D L EXCAVATOR KRM
1808352 ZCA Caterpillar 319D L EXCAVATOR ZCA
1808353 ZGZ Caterpillar 319D L EXCAVATOR ZGZ
1808354 FMH Caterpillar 319D LN EXCAVATOR FMH
1808355 KFM Caterpillar 319D LN EXCAVATOR KFM
1808356 RJP Caterpillar 319D LN EXCAVATOR RJP
1808357 WBJ Caterpillar 319D LN EXCAVATOR WBJ
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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