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CATERPILLAR Excavator E, M, W,
205 | 206 | 211 | 212 | 213 | 214 | 215 | 219 224 | 225 | 229 series

List of models and prefixes

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1808010 Caterpillar E series Excavators
1808011 3BG Caterpillar E70 EXCAVATOR 3BG
1808012 5TG Caterpillar E70B EXCAVATOR 5TG
1808013 6AK Caterpillar E70B EXCAVATOR 6AK
1808014 3FG Caterpillar E110 EXCAVATOR 3FG
1808015 4FJ Caterpillar E110B EXCAVATOR 4FJ
1808016 5GK Caterpillar E110B EXCAVATOR 5GK
1808017 8MF Caterpillar E110B EXCAVATOR 8MF
1808018 9HF Caterpillar E110B EXCAVATOR 9HF
1808019 1LF Caterpillar E120 EXCAVATOR 1LF
1808020 4XK Caterpillar E120B EXCAVATOR 4XK
1808021 6JF Caterpillar E120B EXCAVATOR 6JF
1808022 7NF Caterpillar E120B EXCAVATOR 7NF
1808023 1NF Caterpillar E140 EXCAVATOR 1NF
1808024 1RF Caterpillar E180 EXCAVATOR 1RF
1808025 4SG Caterpillar E200B EXCAVATOR 4SG (Engine only)
1808026 6KF Caterpillar E200B EXCAVATOR 6KF
1808028 1FG Caterpillar E240 EXCAVATOR 1FG
1808029 8SF Caterpillar E240B EXCAVATOR 8SF
1808030 2RL Caterpillar E240C EXCAVATOR 2RL
1808031 2CF Caterpillar E300 EXCAVATOR 2CF
1808032 1WJ Caterpillar E300B EXCAVATOR 1WJ
1808033 3HG Caterpillar E450 EXCAVATOR 3HG
1808034 3KG Caterpillar E650 EXCAVATOR 3KG
1808035 4EF Caterpillar EL180 EXCAVATOR 4EF
1808036 5EG Caterpillar EL200B EXCAVATOR 5EG
1808037 7DF Caterpillar EL200B EXCAVATOR 7DF
1808038 4JF Caterpillar EL240 EXCAVATOR 4JF
1808039 5WG Caterpillar EL240B EXCAVATOR 5WG
1808040 9PK Caterpillar EL240C EXCAVATOR 9PK
1808041 4NF Caterpillar EL300 EXCAVATOR 4NF
1808042 3FJ Caterpillar EL300B EXCAVATOR 3FJ
1808043 Caterpillar Wheeled M series Excavators
1808044 6TL Caterpillar M312 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 6TL
1808045 BDR Caterpillar M313C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BDR
1808046 H2A Caterpillar M313C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2A
1808047 J3A Caterpillar M313D WHEELED EXCAVATOR J3A
1808048 K3D Caterpillar M313D WHEELED EXCAVATOR K3D
1808049 W3H Caterpillar M313D WHEELED EXCAVATOR W3H
1808050 F4A Caterpillar M314F WHEELED EXCAVATOR F4A
1808051 FB4 Caterpillar M314F WHEELED EXCAVATOR FB4
1808052 7ML Caterpillar M315 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 7ML
1808053 BDM Caterpillar M315C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BDM
1808054 H2B Caterpillar M315C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2B
1808055 H9A Caterpillar M315D MOBILE HYD POWER UNIT H9A
1808056 EY2 Caterpillar M315D WHEELED EXCAVATOR EY2
1808057 J5B Caterpillar M315D WHEELED EXCAVATOR J5B
1808058 K5E Caterpillar M315D WHEELED EXCAVATOR K5E
1808059 W5M Caterpillar M315D WHEELED EXCAVATOR W5M
1808060 CA4 Caterpillar M315D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR CA4
1808061 CH3 Caterpillar M315D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR CH3
1808062 F4D Caterpillar M315F EXCAVATOR F4D
1808063 BDX Caterpillar M316C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BDX
1808064 H2C Caterpillar M316C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2C
1808065 KMA Caterpillar M316D MOBILE HYD POWER UNIT KMA
1808066 D6W Caterpillar M316D WHEELED EXCAVATOR D6W
1808067 P6K Caterpillar M316D WHEELED EXCAVATOR P6K
1808068 W6A Caterpillar M316D WHEELED EXCAVATOR W6A
1808069 F6N Caterpillar M316F WHEELED EXCAVATOR F6N
1808070 FB6 Caterpillar M316F WHEELED EXCAVATOR FB6
1808071 CA6 Caterpillar M317D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR CA6
1808072 CH5 Caterpillar M317D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR CH5
1808073 F6P Caterpillar M317F EXCAVATOR F6P
1808074 6ES Caterpillar M318 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 6ES
1808075 8AL Caterpillar M318 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 8AL
1808076 8SS Caterpillar M318 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 8SS
1808077 BEB Caterpillar M318C MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR BEB
1808078 BCZ Caterpillar M318C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BCZ
1808079 H2D Caterpillar M318C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2D
1808080 H2F Caterpillar M318C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2F
1808081 D9X Caterpillar M318D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR D9X
1808082 P9M Caterpillar M318D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR P9M
1808083 W8R Caterpillar M318D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR W8R
1808084 D8W Caterpillar M318D WHEELED EXCAVATOR D8W
1808085 P8L Caterpillar M318D WHEELED EXCAVATOR P8L
1808086 W8P Caterpillar M318D WHEELED EXCAVATOR W8P
1808087 FB8 Caterpillar M318F EXCAVATOR FB8
1808088 MH9 Caterpillar M318F OEM WHEELED EXCAVATOR MH9
1808089 F8B Caterpillar M318F WHEELED EXCAVATOR F8B
1808090 6WL Caterpillar M320 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 6WL
1808091 9PS Caterpillar M320 WHEELED EXCAVATOR 9PS
1808092 CH9 Caterpillar M320D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR CH9
1808093 EN8 Caterpillar M320D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR EN8
1808094 F2W Caterpillar M320F WHEELED EXCAVATOR F2W
1808095 FB2 Caterpillar M320F WHEELED EXCAVATOR FB2
1808096 BDK Caterpillar M322C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BDK
1808097 BDY Caterpillar M322C WHEELED EXCAVATOR BDY
1808098 H2E Caterpillar M322C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2E
1808099 H2G Caterpillar M322C WHEELED EXCAVATOR H2G
1808100 D3X Caterpillar M322D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR D3X
1808101 P3W Caterpillar M322D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR P3W
1808102 W2T Caterpillar M322D MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR W2T
1808103 J4M Caterpillar M322D MOBILE HYD POWER UNIT J4M
1808104 D2W Caterpillar M322D WHEELED EXCAVATOR D2W
1808105 P2T Caterpillar M322D WHEELED EXCAVATOR P2T
1808106 W2S Caterpillar M322D WHEELED EXCAVATOR W2S
1808107 EN9 Caterpillar M322D2 MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR EN9
1808108 EN2 Caterpillar M322D2 WHEELED EXCAVATOR EN2
1808109 M32 Caterpillar M322F HEX BASED SPL SOLUTION M32
1808110 F2Z Caterpillar M322F WHEELED EXCAVATOR F2Z
1808111 FBW Caterpillar M322F WHEELED EXCAVATOR FBW
1808112 EN3 Caterpillar M324D2 MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR EN3
1808113 BGN Caterpillar M325B WHEELED EXCAVATOR BGN
1808114 PAN Caterpillar M325C MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR PAN
1808115 XJA Caterpillar M325C MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR XJA
1808116 KAY Caterpillar M325D L MH EXCAVATOR KAY
1808117 KGG Caterpillar M325D L MH EXCAVATOR KGG
1808118 EDF Caterpillar M325D MH EXCAVATOR EDF
1808119 KRE Caterpillar M330D WHEELED EXCAVATOR KRE
1808120 MBR Caterpillar M330D WHEELED EXCAVATOR MBR
1808121 AME Caterpillar W330B WHEELED EXCAVATOR AME
1808122 ANJ Caterpillar W345B II WHEELED EXCAVATOR ANJ
1808123 CDY Caterpillar W345B II WHEELED EXCAVATOR CDY
1808124 R5K Caterpillar W345C MH WHEELED EXCAVATOR R5K
1808125 Caterpillar 205 series Excavators
1808126 3HC Caterpillar 205 EXCAVATOR 3HC
1808127 4DC Caterpillar 205 EXCAVATOR 4DC
1808128 5ZF Caterpillar 205B EXCAVATOR 5ZF
1808129 Caterpillar 206 series Excavators
1808130 2RC Caterpillar 206 EXCAVATOR 2RC
1808131 3GC Caterpillar 206 EXCAVATOR 3GC
1808132 9BF Caterpillar 206B EXCAVATOR 9BF
1808133 Caterpillar 211 Excavators
1808134 6XG Caterpillar 211B EXCAVATOR 6XG
1808135 Caterpillar 212 series Excavators
1808136 5DC Caterpillar 212 EXCAVATOR 5DC
1808137 3PJ Caterpillar 212B EXCAVATOR 3PJ
1808138 Caterpillar 213 series Excavators
1808139 3ZC Caterpillar 213 EXCAVATOR 3ZC
1808140 1EJ Caterpillar 213B EXCAVATOR 1EJ
1808141 Caterpillar 214 series Excavators
1808142 1KB Caterpillar 214 EXCAVATOR 1KB
1808143 4CF Caterpillar 214B EXCAVATOR 4CF
1808144 9MF Caterpillar 214B FT EXCAVATOR 9MF
1808145 Caterpillar 215 series Excavators
1808146 14Z Caterpillar 215 EXCAVATOR 14Z
1808147 57Y Caterpillar 215 EXCAVATOR 57Y
1808148 61Z Caterpillar 215 EXCAVATOR 61Z
1808149 95Z Caterpillar 215 EXCAVATOR 95Z
1808150 96L Caterpillar 215 EXCAVATOR 96L
1808151 2XC Caterpillar 215B EXCAVATOR 2XC
1808152 4FC Caterpillar 215B EXCAVATOR 4FC
1808153 4JC Caterpillar 215B EXCAVATOR 4JC
1808154 9YB Caterpillar 215B EXCAVATOR 9YB
1808155 4HG Caterpillar 215C EXCAVATOR 4HG
1808156 9TF Caterpillar 215D EXCAVATOR 9TF
1808157 Caterpillar 219 series Excavators
1808158 5CF Caterpillar 219 EXCAVATOR 5CF
1808159 5XG Caterpillar 219D EXCAVATOR 5XG
1808160 Caterpillar 224 series Excavators
1808161 5TC Caterpillar 224 EXCAVATOR 5TC
1808162 7WF Caterpillar 224B EXCAVATOR 7WF
1808163 20S Caterpillar 225 EXCAVATOR 20S
1808164 51U Caterpillar 225 EXCAVATOR 51U
1808165 61X Caterpillar 225 EXCAVATOR 61X
1808166 76U Caterpillar 225 EXCAVATOR 76U
1808167 2ZD Caterpillar 225B EXCAVATOR 2ZD
1808168 3YD Caterpillar 225B EXCAVATOR 3YD
1808169 2SJ Caterpillar 225D EXCAVATOR 2SJ
1808170 6RG Caterpillar 225D EXCAVATOR 6RG
1808171 Caterpillar 229 series Excavators
1808172 1AG Caterpillar 229 EXCAVATOR 1AG
1808173 1GF Caterpillar 229 EXCAVATOR 1GF
1808174 2LJ Caterpillar 229D EXCAVATOR 2LJ
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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