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CATERPILLAR Diesel engine
D series

Model list and diesel engine prefixes

Very important remark: The engine prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes.
150910 05V Caterpillar D315 MARINE ENGINE 05V
150911 63B Caterpillar D320A INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 63B
150912 40B Caterpillar D326F MARINE ENGINE 40B
150913 57B Caterpillar D330A MARINE ENGINE 57B
150914 86B Caterpillar D330A MARINE ENGINE 86B
150915 82B Caterpillar D330B MARINE ENGINE 82B
150916 02B Caterpillar D330C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 02B
150917 04B Caterpillar D330C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 04B
150918 05B Caterpillar D330C MARINE ENGINE 05B
150919 59B Caterpillar D333A MARINE ENGINE 59B
150920 88B Caterpillar D333A MARINE ENGINE 88B
150921 80B Caterpillar D333B MARINE ENGINE 80B
150922 09A Caterpillar D333C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 09A
150923 23C Caterpillar D333C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 23C
150924 62M Caterpillar D333C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 62M
150925 62U Caterpillar D333C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 62U
150926 66D Caterpillar D333C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 66D
150927 67D Caterpillar D333C MARINE ENGINE 67D
150928 93B Caterpillar D334 MARINE ENGINE 93B
150929 60B Caterpillar D336 MARINE ENGINE 60B
150930 23B Caterpillar D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B
150931 38B Caterpillar D337F MARINE ENGINE 38B
150932 31B Caterpillar D342 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 31B
150933 32B Caterpillar D342 MARINE ENGINE 32B
150934 49B Caterpillar D342C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 49B
150935 32B Caterpillar D342C MARINE ENGINE 32B
150936 50B Caterpillar D342C MARINE ENGINE 50B
150937 62B Caterpillar D343 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 62B
150938 33B Caterpillar D343 MARINE ENGINE 33B
150939 39J Caterpillar D346 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 39J
150940 40J Caterpillar D346 MARINE ENGINE 40J
150941 98N Caterpillar D346 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 98N
150942 36J Caterpillar D348 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 36J
150943 38J Caterpillar D348 MARINE ENGINE 38J
150944 57K Caterpillar D348 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 57K
150945 61P Caterpillar D349 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 61P
150946 62P Caterpillar D349 MARINE ENGINE 62P
150947 32R Caterpillar D349 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 32R
150948 46B Caterpillar D353C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 46B
150949 47B Caterpillar D353C MARINE ENGINE 47B
150950 46B Caterpillar D353D INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 46B
150951 47B Caterpillar D353D MARINE ENGINE 47B
150952 46B Caterpillar D353E INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 46B
150953 77B Caterpillar D353E INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 77B
150954 47B Caterpillar D353E MARINE ENGINE 47B
150955 20B Caterpillar D364 MARINE ENGINE 20B
150956 44B Caterpillar D375D MARINE ENGINE 44B
150957 68B Caterpillar D379 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 68B
150958 76B Caterpillar D379 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 76B
150959 69B Caterpillar D379A MARINE ENGINE 69B
150960 34Z Caterpillar D379B GEN SET ENGINE 34Z
150961 68B Caterpillar D379B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 68B
150962 76B Caterpillar D379B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 76B
150963 69B Caterpillar D379B MARINE ENGINE 69B
150964 15B Caterpillar D386 GEN SET ENGINE 15B
150965 42B Caterpillar D397D MARINE ENGINE 42B
150966 66B Caterpillar D398 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 66B
150967 75B Caterpillar D398 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 75B
150968 67B Caterpillar D398A MARINE ENGINE 67B
150969 35Z Caterpillar D398B GEN SET ENGINE 35Z
150970 66B Caterpillar D398B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 66B
150971 75B Caterpillar D398B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 75B
150972 67B Caterpillar D398B MARINE ENGINE 67B
150973 36Z Caterpillar D399 GEN SET ENGINE 36Z
150974 35B Caterpillar D399 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 35B
150975 91B Caterpillar D399 MARINE ENGINE 91B
150976 04H Caterpillar D13000 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 04H
150977 05E Caterpillar D13000 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 05E
150978 01T Caterpillar D3400 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 01T
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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