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CATERPILLAR Diesel engine
C15, C-15, C-16, C16, C-16, C18, C175-16

Model list and diesel engine prefixes

Very important remark: The engine prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes.
150510 CAT C15 diesel engine
150511 C5E Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET C5E
150512 C5H Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET C5H
150513 C5L Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET C5L
150514 CYY Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET CYY
150515 MBS Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET MBS
150516 NKL Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET NKL
150517 PEC Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET PEC
150518 PET Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET PET
150519 SNW Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET SNW
150520 STG Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET STG
150521 X4R Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET X4R
150522 ZKA Caterpillar C15 GENERATOR SET ZKA
150523 JAS Caterpillar C15 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE JAS
150524 JRE Caterpillar C15 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE JRE
150525 BEM Caterpillar C-15 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BEM
150526 RLA Caterpillar C15 MARINE ENGINE RLA
150527 C2A Caterpillar C-15 REMAN ENGINE for TRUCK C2A
150528 B5R Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE B5R
150529 BXS Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE BXS
150530 JEP Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE JEP
150531 KRA Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE KRA
150532 MHP Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE MHP
150533 MXS Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE MXS
150534 NXS Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE NXS
150535 RKS Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE RKS
150536 SDP Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE SDP
150537 TRB Caterpillar C15 TRUCK ENGINE TRB
150538 6NZ Caterpillar C-15 TRUCK ENGINE 6NZ
150539 9NZ Caterpillar C-15 TRUCK ENGINE 9NZ
150540 EGH Caterpillar C-15 TRUCK ENGINE EGH
150541 MBN Caterpillar C-15 TRUCK ENGINE MBN
150550 CAT C16 diesel engine
150551 BFM Caterpillar C-16 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BFM
150552 W1A Caterpillar C16 TRUCK ENGINE W1A
150553 7CZ Caterpillar C-16 TRUCK ENGINE 7CZ
150560 CAT C18 diesel engine
150561 C6C Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET C6C
150562 CYL Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET CYL
150563 DDS Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET DDS
150564 DKE Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET DKE
150565 EKW Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET EKW
150566 G4C Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET G4C
150567 M1P Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET M1P
150568 M1Y Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET M1Y
150569 M1Z Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET M1Z
150570 N1C Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET N1C
150571 N1D Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET N1D
150572 NKK Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET NKK
150573 PEE Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET PEE
150574 PEJ Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET PEJ
150575 STD Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET STD
150576 STM Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET STM
150577 ZKB Caterpillar C18 GENERATOR SET ZKB
150580 EJG Caterpillar C18 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE EJG
150581 JDA Caterpillar C18 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE JDA
150582 NBB Caterpillar C18 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE NBB
150583 WJH Caterpillar C18 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE WJH
150584 C1J Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE C1J
150585 CKH Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE CKH
150586 CYN Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE CYN
150587 GEN Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE GEN
150588 GES Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE GES
150589 J2K Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE J2K
150590 JKX Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE JKX
150591 KJT Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE KJT
150592 NAX Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE NAX
150593 NAY Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE NAY
150594 P1N Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE P1N
150595 PLE Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE PLE
150596 T2P Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE T2P
150597 WKB Caterpillar C18 MARINE ENGINE WKB
150598 CJP Caterpillar C18 TRUCK ENGINE CJP
150599 MDP Caterpillar C-18 TRUCK ENGINE MDP
150600 MEP Caterpillar C-18 TRUCK ENGINE MEP
150610 CAT C175-16 diesel engine
150611 WYB Caterpillar C175-16 GENERATOR SET WYB
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