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CATERPILLAR Diesel engine
C-10, C11, C-12, C12, C13

Model list and diesel engine prefixes

Very important remark: The engine prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes.
150410 CAT C10 diesel engine
150411 BCX Caterpillar C-10 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BCX
150412 Z2B Caterpillar C-10 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE Z2B
150413 AKB Caterpillar C-10 REMAN ENGINE for TRUCK AKB
150414 F8H Caterpillar C-10 REMAN ENGINE for TRUCK F8H
150415 2PN Caterpillar C-10 TRUCK ENGINE 2PN
150416 3CS Caterpillar C-10 TRUCK ENGINE 3CS
150417 8YS Caterpillar C-10 TRUCK ENGINE 8YS
150418 MBJ Caterpillar C-10 TRUCK ENGINE MBJ
150430 CAT C11 diesel engine
150431 GLS Caterpillar C11 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE GLS
150432 KCA Caterpillar C11 TRUCK ENGINE KCA
150440 CAT C12 diesel engine
150441 BCY Caterpillar C-12 GEN SET ENGINE BCY
150442 BDL Caterpillar C-12 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BDL
150443 C1Z Caterpillar C12 MARINE ENGINE C1Z
150444 NFL Caterpillar C12 MARINE ENGINE NFL
150445 9HP Caterpillar C-12 MARINE ENGINE 9HP
150446 K1M Caterpillar C-12 MARINE ENGINE K1M
150447 ALS Caterpillar C-12 REMAN ENGINE for TRUCK ALS
150448 R1D Caterpillar C-12 REMAN ENGINE for TRUCK R1D
150449 1YN Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE 1YN
150450 2KS Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE 2KS
150451 8YF Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE 8YF
150452 9NS Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE 9NS
150453 9SM Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE 9SM
150454 CPD Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE CPD
150455 GEP Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE GEP
150456 MBL Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE MBL
150457 TME Caterpillar C-12 TRUCK ENGINE TME
150470 CAT C13 diesel engine
150471 LGK Caterpillar C13 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE LGK
150472 EMS Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE EMS
150473 JAM Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE JAM
150474 KCB Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE KCB
150475 LEE Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE LEE
150476 PRM Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE PRM
150477 S3C Caterpillar C13 TRUCK ENGINE S3C
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