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CATERPILLAR Diesel engine
3508, 3512, 3516

Model list and diesel engine prefixes

Very important remark: The engine prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes.
152100 CAT 3508 diesel engine
152101 1ZF Caterpillar 3508 GEN SET ENGINE 1ZF
152102 23Z Caterpillar 3508 GEN SET ENGINE 23Z
152103 5XM Caterpillar 3508 GEN SET ENGINE 5XM
152104 70Z Caterpillar 3508 GEN SET ENGINE 70Z
152105 ZAB Caterpillar 3508 GEN SET ENGINE ZAB
152106 5PW Caterpillar 3508 GENERATOR SET 5PW
152107 BGX Caterpillar 3508 GENERATOR SET BGX
152108 CAW Caterpillar 3508 GENERATOR SET CAW
152109 CNF Caterpillar 3508 GENERATOR SET CNF
152110 68Z Caterpillar 3508 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 68Z
152111 95Y Caterpillar 3508 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 95Y
152112 6TJ Caterpillar 3508 LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 6TJ
152113 3HM Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 3HM
152114 3PS Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 3PS
152115 69Z Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 69Z
152116 8TL Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 8TL
152117 96Y Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 96Y
152118 9WN Caterpillar 3508 MARINE ENGINE 9WN
152119 97Y Caterpillar 3508 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 97Y
152130 CAT 3508B diesel engine
152131 2HW Caterpillar 3508B GEN SET ENGINE 2HW
152132 3LS Caterpillar 3508B GEN SET ENGINE 3LS
152133 4GM Caterpillar 3508B GEN SET ENGINE 4GM
152134 6PN Caterpillar 3508B GEN SET ENGINE 6PN
152135 ZAD Caterpillar 3508B GEN SET ENGINE ZAD
152136 5KW Caterpillar 3508B GENERATOR SET 5KW
152137 CNB Caterpillar 3508B GENERATOR SET CNB
152138 PTN Caterpillar 3508B GENERATOR SET PTN
152139 LPD Caterpillar 3508B GENERATOR SET-MARINE LPD
152140 7AF Caterpillar 3508B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 7AF
152141 BPX Caterpillar 3508B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BPX
152142 CBB Caterpillar 3508B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE CBB
152143 5PS Caterpillar 3508B LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 5PS
152144 C8R Caterpillar 3508B LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE C8R
152145 3DM Caterpillar 3508B MARINE AUXILIARY 3DM
152146 3DW Caterpillar 3508B MARINE AUXILIARY 3DW
152147 BAG Caterpillar 3508B MARINE AUXILIARY BAG
152148 S2A Caterpillar 3508B MARINE AUXILIARY S2A
152149 S2B Caterpillar 3508B MARINE AUXILIARY S2B
152150 1TW Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE 1TW
152151 2BM Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE 2BM
152152 7SM Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE 7SM
152153 M8A Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE M8A
152154 M8B Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE M8B
152155 S2D Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE S2D
152156 S2E Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE S2E
152157 S2F Caterpillar 3508B MARINE ENGINE S2F
152158 5XS Caterpillar 3508B REMAN ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 5XS
152170 CAT 3508C diesel engine
152171 PTK Caterpillar 3508C GENERATOR SET PTK
152172 F1X Caterpillar 3508C LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE F1X
152173 M8C Caterpillar 3508C MARINE ENGINE M8C
152174 M8D Caterpillar 3508C MARINE ENGINE M8D
152175 TTA Caterpillar 3508C MARINE ENGINE TTA
152176 TTB Caterpillar 3508C MARINE ENGINE TTB
152200 CAT 3512 diesel engine
152201 24Z Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE 24Z
152202 3MS Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE 3MS
152203 3YF Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE 3YF
152204 67Z Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE 67Z
152205 6PM Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE 6PM
152206 ZAF Caterpillar 3512 GEN SET ENGINE ZAF
152207 6WW Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET 6WW
152208 CMJ Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET CMJ
152209 FDR Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET FDR
152210 PTG Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET PTG
152211 PTH Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET PTH
152212 YAK Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET YAK
152213 YAX Caterpillar 3512 GENERATOR SET YAX
152214 1LM Caterpillar 3512 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 1LM
152215 2AF Caterpillar 3512 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 2AF
152216 49Y Caterpillar 3512 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 49Y
152217 65Z Caterpillar 3512 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 65Z
152218 2WK Caterpillar 3512 LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 2WK
152219 3WS Caterpillar 3512 MARINE AUXILIARY 3WS
152220 3RS Caterpillar 3512 MARINE ENGINE 3RS
152221 50Y Caterpillar 3512 MARINE ENGINE 50Y
152222 66Z Caterpillar 3512 MARINE ENGINE 66Z
152223 51Y Caterpillar 3512 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 51Y
152230 CAT 3512B diesel engine
152231 4AW Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE 4AW
152232 5AW Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE 5AW
152233 6WN Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE 6WN
152234 8RM Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE 8RM
152235 ZAH Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE ZAH
152236 ZAJ Caterpillar 3512B GEN SET ENGINE ZAJ
152237 6GW Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET 6GW
152238 BLF Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET BLF
152239 BRK Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET BRK
152240 CMC Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET CMC
152241 FDE Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET FDE
152242 PTF Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET PTF
152243 PTM Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET PTM
152244 YAM Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET YAM
152245 YAN Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET YAN
152246 YAY Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET YAY
152247 YAZ Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET YAZ
152248 NSC Caterpillar 3512B GENERATOR SET-MARINE NSC
152249 8DF Caterpillar 3512B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 8DF
152250 BRC Caterpillar 3512B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE BRC
152251 PWG Caterpillar 3512B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE PWG
152252 3ZW Caterpillar 3512B LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 3ZW
152253 1PW Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY 1PW
152254 8EM Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY 8EM
152255 AAG Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY AAG
152256 FFG Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY FFG
152257 S2G Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY S2G
152258 S2H Caterpillar 3512B MARINE AUXILIARY S2H
152259 2EZ Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE 2EZ
152260 2GW Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE 2GW
152261 4TN Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE 4TN
152262 7HM Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE 7HM
152263 BRN Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE BRN
152264 MKH Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE MKH
152265 MRG Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE MRG
152266 S2J Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE S2J
152267 S2K Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE S2K
152268 S2L Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE S2L
152269 S2M Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE S2M
152270 S2N Caterpillar 3512B MARINE ENGINE S2N
152271 6SS Caterpillar 3512B REMAN ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 6SS
152280 CAT 3512C diesel engine
152281 RMS Caterpillar 3512C GENERATOR SET RMS
152282 SBG Caterpillar 3512C GENERATOR SET SBG
152283 MLM Caterpillar 3512C INDUSTRIAL ENGINE MLM
152284 F2X Caterpillar 3512C LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE F2X
152285 E3Y Caterpillar 3512C MARINE AUXILIARY E3Y
152286 SLM Caterpillar 3512C MARINE AUXILIARY SLM
152287 E3W Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE E3W
152288 E3X Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE E3X
152289 TTC Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE TTC
152290 TTE Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE TTE
152291 TTF Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE TTF
152292 TTG Caterpillar 3512C MARINE ENGINE TTG
152300 CAT 3516 diesel engine
152301 25Z Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 25Z
152302 2TS Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 2TS
152303 3JS Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 3JS
152304 4XF Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 4XF
152305 5SJ Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 5SJ
152306 73Z Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 73Z
152307 7KM Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE 7KM
152308 ZAL Caterpillar 3516 GEN SET ENGINE ZAL
152309 8TW Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET 8TW
152310 CAL Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET CAL
152311 CMD Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET CMD
152312 GZR Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET GZR
152313 GZX Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET GZX
152314 PTD Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET PTD
152315 RKT Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET RKT
152316 YAL Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET YAL
152317 YAS Caterpillar 3516 GENERATOR SET YAS
152318 27Z Caterpillar 3516 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 27Z
152319 71Z Caterpillar 3516 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 71Z
152320 9KF Caterpillar 3516 LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 9KF
152321 29Z Caterpillar 3516 MARINE ENGINE 29Z
152322 3SS Caterpillar 3516 MARINE ENGINE 3SS
152323 4MJ Caterpillar 3516 MARINE ENGINE 4MJ
152324 5MJ Caterpillar 3516 MARINE ENGINE 5MJ
152325 72Z Caterpillar 3516 MARINE ENGINE 72Z
152326 28Z Caterpillar 3516 VEHICULAR ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 28Z
152330 CAT 3516 diesel engine
152331 1NW Caterpillar 3516B GEN SET ENGINE 1NW
152332 2JW Caterpillar 3516B GEN SET ENGINE 2JW
152333 3NS Caterpillar 3516B GEN SET ENGINE 3NS
152334 6HN Caterpillar 3516B GEN SET ENGINE 6HN
152335 7RN Caterpillar 3516B GEN SET ENGINE 7RN
152336 8NW Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET 8NW
152337 BMB Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET BMB
152338 BPJ Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET BPJ
152339 CPA Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET CPA
152340 FDN Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET FDN
152341 FDX Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET FDX
152342 GAR Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET GAR
152343 GZS Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET GZS
152344 GZT Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET GZT
152345 GZY Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET GZY
152346 LEK Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET LEK
152347 PBR Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET PBR
152348 YAP Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET YAP
152349 YAR Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET YAR
152350 YAT Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET YAT
152351 YAW Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET YAW
152352 ZAP Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET ZAP
152353 ZAR Caterpillar 3516B GENERATOR SET ZAR
152354 9WF Caterpillar 3516B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE 9WF
152355 CAN Caterpillar 3516B INDUSTRIAL ENGINE CAN
152356 6HZ Caterpillar 3516B LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE 6HZ
152357 BCK Caterpillar 3516B LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE BCK
152358 2FW Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY 2FW
152359 3XS Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY 3XS
152360 9AN Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY 9AN
152361 CBN Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY CBN
152362 S2P Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY S2P
152363 S2R Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY S2R
152364 S2Z Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY S2Z
152365 TAK Caterpillar 3516B MARINE AUXILIARY TAK
152366 3CW Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE 3CW
152367 4BW Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE 4BW
152368 8CN Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE 8CN
152369 8KN Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE 8KN
152370 B5G Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE B5G
152371 CDE Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE CDE
152372 PAG Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE PAG
152373 S2S Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE S2S
152374 S2T Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE S2T
152375 S2W Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE S2W
152376 S2X Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE S2X
152377 S2Y Caterpillar 3516B MARINE ENGINE S2Y
152378 7DS Caterpillar 3516B REMAN ENGINE-INDUSTRIAL 7DS
152390 CAT 3516C diesel engine
152391 SBJ Caterpillar 3516C GENERATOR SET SBJ
152392 SBK Caterpillar 3516C GENERATOR SET SBK
152393 T2X Caterpillar 3516C LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE T2X
152394 JTS Caterpillar 3516C MARINE AUXILIARY JTS
152395 PAF Caterpillar 3516C MARINE AUXILIARY PAF
152396 E3Z Caterpillar 3516C MARINE ENGINE E3Z
152397 TTD Caterpillar 3516C MARINE ENGINE TTD
152398 TTH Caterpillar 3516C MARINE ENGINE TTH
152399 TTJ Caterpillar 3516C MARINE ENGINE TTJ
152400 CAT PP3516 diesel engine
152401 PPS Caterpillar PP3516 GEN SET ENGINE PPS
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