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CATERPILLAR Off-Highway Trucks

Parts Catalogs, Service (workshop) Manuals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals in PDF format

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes and save our and your time. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1801400 CATERPILLAR Off-Highway Trucks, Quarry Trucks Tractors, Wagons
1801401 9SS Caterpillar 69D TRUCK 9SS
1801402 9XS Caterpillar 69D TRUCK 9XS
1801403 9YS Caterpillar 73D TRUCK 9YS
1801404 79S Caterpillar 768B TRACTOR 79S
1801405 02X Caterpillar 768C TRACTOR 02X
1801406 35W Caterpillar 769 TRUCK 35W
1801407 99F Caterpillar 769 TRUCK 99F
1801408 99F Caterpillar 769B TRUCK 99F
1801409 01X Caterpillar 769C TRUCK 01X
1801410 5TR Caterpillar 769D QUARRY TRUCK 5TR
1801411 5SS Caterpillar 769D TRUCK 5SS
1801412 BBB Caterpillar 769D TRUCK BBB
1801413 BZZ Caterpillar 770 TRUCK BZZ
1801414 JND Caterpillar 770 TRUCK JND
1801415 M7W Caterpillar 770 TRUCK M7W
1801416 3BJ Caterpillar 771C QUARRY TRUCK 3BJ
1801417 6JR Caterpillar 771D QUARRY TRUCK 6JR
1801418 6YS Caterpillar 771D QUARRY TRUCK 6YS
1801419 BCA Caterpillar 771D QUARRY TRUCK BCA
1801420 11S Caterpillar 772 TRACTOR 11S
1801421 80S Caterpillar 772 TRACTOR 80S
1801422 J2M Caterpillar 772 TRUCK J2M
1801423 RGK Caterpillar 772 TRUCK RGK
1801424 RLB Caterpillar 772 TRUCK RLB
1801425 10S Caterpillar 772 WAGON 10S
1801426 64W Caterpillar 772B TRACTOR 64W
1801427 63G Caterpillar 773 TRUCK 63G
1801428 63W Caterpillar 773B TRUCK 63W
1801429 7CS Caterpillar 773D TRUCK 7CS
1801430 7ER Caterpillar 773D TRUCK 7ER
1801431 NBJ Caterpillar 773D TRUCK NBJ
1801432 ASK Caterpillar 773E TRUCK ASK
1801433 BDA Caterpillar 773E TRUCK BDA
1801434 EED Caterpillar 773F TRUCK EED
1801435 EXD Caterpillar 773F TRUCK EXD
1801436 7XJ Caterpillar 775B QUARRY TRUCK 7XJ
1801437 8AS Caterpillar 775D QUARRY TRUCK 8AS
1801438 6KR Caterpillar 775D TRUCK 6KR
1801439 BEC Caterpillar 775E TRUCK BEC
1801440 DLS Caterpillar 775F TRUCK DLS
1801441 EYG Caterpillar 775F TRUCK EYG
1801442 14H Caterpillar 776 TRACTOR 14H
1801443 14W Caterpillar 776 WAGON 14W
1801444 6JC Caterpillar 776B TRACTOR 6JC
1801445 2TK Caterpillar 776C TRACTOR 2TK
1801446 5ER Caterpillar 776D TRACTOR 5ER
1801447 AFS Caterpillar 776D TRACTOR AFS
1801448 84A Caterpillar 777 TRUCK 84A
1801449 4YC Caterpillar 777B TRUCK 4YC
1801450 4XJ Caterpillar 777C TRUCK 4XJ
1801451 2YW Caterpillar 777D TRUCK 2YW
1801452 3PR Caterpillar 777D TRUCK 3PR
1801453 AGC Caterpillar 777D TRUCK AGC
1801454 AGY Caterpillar 777D TRUCK AGY
1801455 FKR Caterpillar 777D TRUCK FKR
1801456 JXP Caterpillar 777F TRACTOR JXP
1801457 JRP Caterpillar 777F TRUCK JRP
1801458 WTK Caterpillar 777F TRUCK WTK Special Instructions.
1801459 5RK Caterpillar 784B TRACTOR 5RK
1801460 2PZ Caterpillar 784C TRACTOR 2PZ
1801461 8GB Caterpillar 785 TRUCK 8GB
1801462 6HK Caterpillar 785B TRUCK 6HK
1801463 1HW Caterpillar 785C TRUCK 1HW
1801464 5AZ Caterpillar 785C TRUCK 5AZ
1801465 APX Caterpillar 785C TRUCK APX
1801466 DMC Caterpillar 785D TRUCK DMC
1801467 MSY Caterpillar 785D TRUCK MSY
1801468 9ZC Caterpillar 789 TRUCK 9ZC
1801469 7EK Caterpillar 789B TRUCK 7EK
1801470 2BW Caterpillar 789C TRUCK 2BW
1801471 3SJ Caterpillar 793 TRUCK 3SJ
1801472 1HL Caterpillar 793B TRUCK 1HL
1801473 4AR Caterpillar 793C TRUCK 4AR
1801474 4GZ Caterpillar 793C TRUCK 4GZ
1801475 ATY Caterpillar 793C TRUCK ATY
1801476 CBR Caterpillar 793C TRUCK CBR
1801477 FDB Caterpillar 793D TRUCK FDB
1801478 SSP Caterpillar 793F TRUCK SSP
1801479 ERM Caterpillar 795F AC TRUCK ERM
1801480 5YW Caterpillar 797 TRUCK 5YW
1801481 JSM Caterpillar 797B TRUCK JSM
1801482 LAJ Caterpillar 797F TRUCK LAJ
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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