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Parts Catalogs, Service (workshop) Manuals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals in PDF format

Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc.) will help to avoid mistakes and save our and your time. Sometimes the full serial number is absolutely essential information also (modification is inside the prefix).

1802100 CATERPILLAR Cold Planers>
1802101 Z2X Caterpillar PM-102 COLD PLANER Z2X. C7 Engine ONLY
1802102 P1C Caterpillar PM-200 COLD PLANER P1C
1802103 P1M Caterpillar PM-200 COLD PLANER P1M
1802104 PNM Caterpillar PM-201 COLD PLANER PNM
1802105 5ZS Caterpillar PM-465 COLD PLANER 5ZS
1802106 3TK Caterpillar PM-565 COLD PLANER 3TK
1802107 8GS Caterpillar PM-565B COLD PLANER 8GS
1802108 6BD Caterpillar PR-75 COLD PLANER 6BD
1802109 5WC Caterpillar PR-105 COLD PLANER 5WC
1802110 6RC Caterpillar PR-275 COLD PLANER 6RC
1802111 7DC Caterpillar PR-450 COLD PLANER 7DC
1802112 7PJ Caterpillar PR-450C COLD PLANER 7PJ
1802113 8AC Caterpillar PR-750B COLD PLANER 8AC
1802114 5XC Caterpillar PR-1000 COLD PLANER 5XC
1802115 5XC Caterpillar PR-1000C COLD PLANER 5XC
All names mentioned are registered tradesmen of registered companies and are mentioned for reference only.
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